In a Bit of a Rut

Since being focused on my black belt exam and working very infrequently, I find that now that I have time, it has become a bit of a challenge to be creative. Not creative in sessions but when creating audio recordings and videos, as well as tempting social media interactions. Things have been so serious lately. I have been so serious lately. And while I am usual all for serious slaves, and lifestyle changes, I am kind of missing the drive by, fantastical sessions that were once so common.

Now, it is not that I do not want to continue taking things seriously and that I want to abolish my group of devoted, serious slaves and subs. It is more that I miss the fun that an occasional or drive by client can offer. The fetishes were always different, their devotion to Femdom was not for anything more than to get off, to scratch that itch as it were. While I bitch and complain about drive bys sometimes, I did not fully grasp how essential they were to my creative process. It was sessions with them that would allow me to play as well. It would inject some fun into my daily life.

I have fun with my more devoted slaves as well. The long term D-s relationship follows certain criteria, certain rules and regulations that are optional with the submissive fantasy. The ability to play along and enjoy myself while knowing this would not likely become something long term. Or if it did, there was no need to follow my own rules.

This is very contradictory to my normal thoughts on Female Domination and how I like my sessions to be. Perhaps it really is that things have been so serious lately that I need my own outlet, my own fantasy, one that compliments my own desires for amusement without taking things to seriously. One that allows me the freedom to play along and enjoy where the fantasies go.

With that being said, I am hoping to inject more fun, a more blase look at Femdom every now and then. I would like to start project that will not have the goal of long term submissive but rather something people can enjoy every now and then when it strikes their fancy. This will fuel my project for Lifestyle Domme coaching and hypnotic enslavement. I am actually feeling quite excited at the prospect of jut doing shit because.

Or it is the combination of the full moon and Friday, the thirteenth. We shall see.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade