Keep a Chastity Diary

I am a huge fan of diary keeping, writing a journal, blogs, that sort of thing. It’s important to be able to look back on your experiences and see what you can learn. Self-reflection is crucial. I want you to keep a chastity diary. This will be part of another project, I will get to that after.

Within your chastity diary, I want you to recount every stroke, every touch, every emotion you are feeling while being chaste. This will be a wonderful way for you to see how you respond to chastity, and guided masturbation (part of the project) without having an orgasm.

The 30 Days of Chastity will be available soon through Niteflirt and My Store. I am putting the finishing touches on it. It will include a daily audio, JOI and some light teasing. It will include instructions, some days more specific than others. Look for news on it’s release on My twitter. Keeping a chastity journal will be part of the challenge, so practice in the mean time.

Things to write in your Chastity Diary:

  • Start with how many days you have been in chastity, you may have been chaste prior to starting your chastity journal, that doesn’t mean you get to cum today and start tomorrow.
  • Write about how you feel that day, are you emotional? Zen? Feeling horny? Angry?
  • Write about how you respond to various stimuli. Does the water running over your body feel more erotic during your shower than normal?
  • How many times you stroked, how you stroked, etc. if you are following My chastity challenge you will have specific instructions, otherwise write about every stroke, every touch
  • How many hours you spent free vs locked. Some days you need to spend more time locked up so that things don’t become tempting. Or you just needed to air yourself out and spent a good part of the day free. How did you feel locked vs free?
  • How did you sleep the night before? What did you dream about?
  • Write about any fantasies that may have made an appearance, however brief. Write them down, so you can explore them more fully in the future.

These are just the basics, as you continue your journal you will add more information that may seem relevant. These journals should be shared with your Ma├«tresse of course. Especially the fantasies that come up and your emotional state. If you are feeling volatile, you Mistress will help you through it, or make it worse ­čśë

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

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