Rates for Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

Rates for Erotic Hypnosis Sessions with Ambre Jade:

The rate for our session will depend primarily on the medium through which we interact.

Phone Sessions:

Phone sessions are available at 3.00USD/minute. You can reach me through Niteflirt or my toll free number (billing can be done over the phone or purchased beforehand via my STORE).

Text Sessions:

Text sessions are available at 2.25USD/minute. This is not available through Niteflirt so you will have to purchase it through my billing. I offer text sessions via Skype, Yahoo Messenger (though not happy about the update so it may not be available for long), kik, and others. Let me know which is most convenient for you. I prefer Skype!

Cam Sessions:

I offer cam sessions for erotic hypnosis and Femdom at a rate of 3.75USD/minute. Before purchasing or calling my niteflirt cam line, understand that I do NOT get naked or perform sexual acts beyond what I feel you deserve on cam. I am not a cam performer, no judgment just not something I do!

In Person Sessions:

In person erotic hypnosis sessions are available to those that I know well. It is not something you can request. We have to have created a certain rapport before this option is available to you.

Recorded Sessions:

Recorded sessions are available for download via Niteflirt or my STORE. Their rates are dependent on length and complexity as well as voice vs video.

Custom Order Sessions:

For more information on custom recordings please visit my custom work site:

To Request An Erotic Hypnosis Session with Ambre Jade:

I accept phone and cam sessions via LoyalFans and Niteflirt.