Letting Go for the First Time

Do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you recall the first time you completely submitted to a hypnotic trance, erotic or not? I find there are fewer and fewer people experiencing erotic hypnosis for the first time. Perhaps this is because My rates are high compared to when I first started offering hypnosis sessions. This is likely why the new hypnoslave is currently so elusive for Me. While I miss dealing with people who experience trance for the first time, I like charging an appropriate rate for My services more 😉 Perhaps a cheapy day a month or something… But I digress.

How well do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you think back on it? A lot of people either have fond memories of their first experience. That first moment when they truly let go and experienced the delights that erotic hypnosis could provide. When they realise to what extent erotic hypnosis is truly the ultimate expression of submission. Imagine if you could harness that power, the newness of the experience and bring it forward into ever hypnotic experience you have from now on? While I am sure you have experienced deeper trance, the excitement that accompanies something new, is a powerful thing.

There is power from letting go for the first time, there i power in recreating the experience or at least revisiting the emotions that ran through you as you submitted to the will of another for the first time. Power not only for you who experiences it but also for Us HypnoDommes who provide you with that experience. It creates a stronger connections and when done properly, will fortify the bonds between slave and Goddess.

Imagine if the experience of letting go for the first time was with your current Goddess! Imagine if you were an erotic hypnosis virgin until you met Her and every experience has had Her as your primary focus. The intensity that would create!

What was your first time like? Do you still worship the same HypnoDomme?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Let your Mind Dissolve for Me

Ambre Jade Dissolve

Let your mind dissolve for Me! Feel your thoughts disappear as My words filled your mind. My thoughts, needs, desires force their way into your mind as it dissolves for Me. you empty it so easily for Me. A nice void for Me to fill with whatever I chose, whatever I want to fill it with. your freedom completely dissolved by the elegant words flowing from between My lips. My eyes penetrating into your soul, removing your desire anything, anyone but Me. Just the power of Ambre Jade and being under My influence. My light shines through you. you become My marionette. My puppet. My plaything. A doll for Me to control and toy with.

Dissolve your own wants and needs. Fill the void it leaves with thoughts and impressions of Me. Of My power running through your being, both the physical and the emotional. you belong to Me. you mind belong to Me. you are powerless to resist as your mind dissolves. The void created as you dissolve, as you empty yourself of everything is filled by My influence. you become nothing without Me. your existence is reliant on Me, on feeling My influence on you. Wishing with every waking moment to feel Me in your mind.

I know, just thinking about My power over you makes you weak already. Just thinking about your mind dissolving for Me. Just thinking about My words has your blood rushing from your mind into other area. This weakness, this submission you feel, enjoy it. Delight in the experience of weakening for Me. Of letting go and feeling My influence creep through you as your mind and thoughts dissolve for Me. Such a good marionette! Desperate to feel Me there with you, to feel Me at all times. To submit to Me always.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade


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