Posture in Femdom

Something I can never stress enough is posture in Femdom sessions. It may seem silly. Something that really does not seem important at first glace. Posture in Femdom? What does that mean? A slave, while inferior should always strive to achieve the best possible posture in any position his Mistress puts him in. Slouching, humped back, rolled shoulders, these are completely unacceptable for any slave of Mine. Inferiority does not equate small or meek. Okay, in some ways it does. But this should not be reflected in how you hold yourself. Especially in how you hold yourself around Me.

Whether our sessions are in person, over the phone, via Skype, texting, poor posture in Femdom is inexcusable. I understand that your knees hurt, your back aches, your arms are tired, insert other excuse but there is no reason to present yourself poorly in My presence. Kneeling is a crucial component to My sessions. I like My slaves and subs kneeling for Me, either for short bursts of time or extended throughout the entire session.

Those aches and pains you feel, the tired muscles and sore joints are a significant part of your training. Posture in Femdom is a sacrifice. you are sacrificing your comfort to show Me that you are proud to serve. That I am making an effort to control you and therefor you are willing to endure any minor pains that may come up during the session.

This does not only apply to masochists. The pain is part of your training. It is symbolic of your willingness to submit yourself to Me and My will. your back is straight, your chest out, shoulders squared but relaxed. The amount of time you spend in this position will increase as time goes by and you will notice a difference in how long you can hold positions. In turn this embrace of proper posture will be reflected in your daily life, even while not worshiping Me. It will be a positive change in your life.

Practice kneeling for Me, with proper posture and tell Me how it feels.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade

888 726-2447