Fun Ignore Phone Play

Ignore Phone Play with Ambre Jade

I finished such a fun call. My ignore phone line is so fun. Earlier tonight a Girlfriend of Mine and I were hanging out at My place. We needed some disconnect time. She is a Domme as well though not professionally, anyway, She was over. We decided like kick it old school, play some Mario 3. Oh yeah, you read that correctly. We were hanging out at My place, two sexy, fine ass Women, slipping wine and playing games from Our childhood. I turned My lines on, She knows what I do and supports it. Depending on the call She would either leave the room until I was done or partake.

The perfect line rings, My ignore phone line. Oh Goddess did We have so much fun. We were ignoring him of course, hearing his excitement in the background but Our attention was completely focus on the task at hand, beating that bastard icy, slippery Mario level. Finally made that level My bitch and as I did, that boy on the other end of the line (I have no idea what his name is, if he even has one) got so excited he couldn’t help but blow! you boys are so silly! Jerking to Mario video games. I am still fucking laughing! Such a delightful evening. Wine, company, Mario and money… an intoxicating combination.

Now you want some ignore phone play?

Well it is easy to set up. On Niteflirt it is easy. I have a line devoted to ignoring you on the phone. If you are calling My toll free number there is an extra step you need to add, it’s simple. Just an email, stating you will be calling and that you are looking to be ignored. I know it kind of feels like the spontaneity is missing but have no fear. An email with the number you will be calling from and a time frame (even something like “calling in ten” is sufficient). So much fun.

Time to be ignored bitches,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

888 726-2447

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An extra note, My ignore line is usually only available when I am out or doing something fun. Ignoring you while I am blogging or writing bores Me. I like to add a little excitement to it for Me. Makes it more entertaining 😉