Fear and Hypnosis, Working Together

Fear and hypnosis might not seem like good friends. BUT with the right guide (HypnoDomme), they can compliment each other quite well. Firstly let’s make the distinction between genuine fear and being a whining “i’m so scared Goddess” bitch. I often receive emails, messages and the like from people claiming to want to serve, but fearing the consequences. It is difficult from the point of view of the reader to determine who is trying to waste My previous time and who is genuinely afraid. Difficult but not impossible. I have a pretty good feel for who is playing games and who is actually feeling fearful but wants to pursue such a serious endearvour. A discussion for later. Right now, I would just like for you to see the difference between actual fear and playing games.

Fear and Hypnosis with Ambre JadeSo those of you who are afraid, congratulations! you realised the implications of true submission. you know that this is more than a fetish. That this way of being is a lifestyle and one that you would like to adopt to your own life. Feeling fear does not make you weak. It makes you conscious of the changes that will potential happen when you give up your free will! I always delight when people tell Me they have been afraid to contact Me, been following Me from afar, too afraid to do more than that. But now they are ready to embrace this lifestyle.

Fear and Hypnosis, are they compatible?

The fear response varies from one person to the next. Generally they fall under the three automatic nervous system reactions: fight, flight or freeze. These responses, human and animal responses to fear affect the mind in such a powerful way. It is reflexive, instinctive. There are few ways around it. Time is a factor if you want to work around your responses. That can be challenging, expensive but certainly worth every moment and penny you spend on yourself in that way. But how does one work with fear and hypnosis without overreaching the limitations of wallet and time? Ultimately, there is no answer. No easy way around it. There is however a way to work with your responses. To satisfy both your autonomic nervous system and your desire to submit.

The body’s response to fear floods your body with hormones. What a wonderful addition to erotic hypnosis. In this way, your fear is helping Me. It is aiding Me in creating the perfect environment to manipulate your thoughts. The key is understanding how and why you react the way you do, and using that to My advantage. This is to say you and I work together, we work with those responses making them both erotic and exciting.

So feel the fear with Me. Feel it and share it with Me.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade