An Ultimate Experience in Findom

Some will tell you the ultimate experience in findom has a dollar value attached to it, well it always does. But it is less about the amount when I look at it, it is more about the pleasure you can derive from giving something that no one else can offer your Maîtresse. For some, it is spending an amount of money on Her happiness, so high that no other could possibly compete with it. For others, it is offering something that makes your Mistress’ life better. For My puppy, his ultimate experience in findom came from an unlikely source. he paid for My black belt exam. Now, I know, you might be reading this and thinking so what? It is not some large monetary value, it does not affect Mistress’ happiness as it would have happened anyway, so why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because no one else can claimed they bought this for Me. No other individual can make an offer that compares (until My Nidan exam 😉 ). his sacrifice to Me assured him a place in My memories and My memory in his bank account.

The ultimate experience in findom will vary from person to person. What makes one slave eager to give and enjoy the pleasure in giving is not necessarily the same trigger another slave will feel. Many financial domination enthusiasts will give purely knowing that they are so inferior by comparison that their only use is monetary and making sure their Goddess feels a certain amount of pleasure.

What would your ultimate experience in findom look like? Would you feel more pleasure in sending a larger amount or in the knowledge that you have purchased something no one else can?

Now, I love tributes, don’t get Me wrong, money brings Me quite a bit of satisfaction but there is something about a slave paying for something specific that they know will help My lifestyle that is incredibly satisfying. Not only does it mean they are putting My lifestyle ahead of theirs but they are also familiar with Me as an individual as well as a Goddess! There is something terribly special about that.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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Why Send Tributes?

An important part of the submissive experience is the action of offering tributes. This is very clear to those who enjoy financial Domination. It is not only findom connoisseurs who should tribute and who can enjoy offering tribute. Every submissive should both practice and understand why tributes are such an important part of the experience.

Send Tributes to your GoddessWhy Send Tributes?

  • Because … it is proof that you recognise that time is money. Especially where you Dominant is concerned
  • Because … it shows your Mistress you care more for Her luxuries than your own
  • Because … Financial Domination is a thing and you might be into it more than you realise
  • Because … She deserves that and more
  • Because … it makes sense, Goddess is providing a service, if you enjoyed that service it makes sense to show Her
  • Because … everyone likes gifts, receiving and giving
  • Because … even if it is not someone you serve regularly, chances are offering tribute will mean She will remember your previous encounters
  • Because … it’s a pleasure you can offer
  • Because … She is the reason you feel so good. Remind Her that you appreciate Her efforts
  • Because … it just feels so good to submit every part of your being to Her, especially your wallet

There are more reasons to send tribute, different ways you can sacrifice for your Domme. The important part is to think about why you are doing it. To notice and share changes within yourself as you tribute. your submission is the ultimate gift BUT tributes remind Me how much you appreciate My taking that control.

What is your favourite way to tribute? Are your reasons different than the ones listed here? Let Me know!

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

Financial Domination, where do you fit in?


It can be confusing, I suppose, the world of financial domination. With so many different manifestations of findom and so many different ways to express it, an individual can easily get lost. I get it. But it is important that you are aware of your own place. In order to know your place it has to be outlined for you, well most of you since when interacting with Me the blood seems to flow away from your brain and you become imbeciles.

So where do you fit in? At what niveau is your devotion to financial domination? There is nothing wrong with being where you are but an individual should be aware of where they fit in, where they want to go. I have a simple enough system of categories, easy to follow. And yes, you might fit between categories or find yourself not well represented within My system. That is the wonderful part of financial domination with Me, it is always evolving.

The Customer

The customer archetype is an individual who submits through purchase. Usually files or games. The domination is minimal but still very real. Unlike others the customer expects and receives something in return for their money. It could be argued that the customer does not even belong as an archetype of findomme.

The Client/Caller

The client or caller spends much of their money to spend one on one time with Me. This is either through phone, cam or text. The client archetype tributes as well. The domination aspect comes from the amount of time they are spending with Me, the minute rate. Which can be played with as well.

The Fetishist

Those with a fetish, a sexualised need to have your finances dominated but still want some interaction as well. This are the tributes, the sacrifices, the gifts. Sometimes there is an interaction between us but not always. For some this represents itself as “drive-by” gifting or tributes. The fetishist is a complex archetype with many, many ways it presents itself.

The Financial Domination submissive

The submissive requires an interaction, a wallet draining or raping. Though completely committed to funding My lifestyle, the submissive requires attention, a reminder that they belong to Me. That they are Mine. The submission comes through their wallet before anything else.

The Financial slave

Oh what a lovely archetype the financial domination slave is. There is no interaction, they delight solely in the knowledge that their money in sustaining My lifestyle. There is no interaction, no back and forth. Money goes from their hand and into Mine. Many refer to these as “pay pigs” or similar titles. I think slavery is a better description. A slave provides for its Owner.

So where do you fit in? Where do you want to fit in?

How do you approach a Domme when looking for Financial Domination?

The first step is to always send a tribute. Send an email with it if you must, talking about what type of relationship you are looking for. The important part is proving you are actually looking for a proper Financial Domme. All too often I receive messages, emails and texts of people begging Me to dominate them financially. Well, if you are not willing to part with a small tribute to prove you are serious, you are not worth My time.

More on that to come!

Maîtresse Ambre Jade