Things to Know About Me Before A FemDomme Call

121114Every FemDomme call is unique. And every Female Dominant you call will have a different approach. My approach has been and always will be one of inquisition. I like knowing you. I like you knowing certain parts of Me. According to the feedback I receive from both callers and submissives, this makes My approach unique. Not that others are not interesting in knowing you, far from. Most of the Dominant Women I know, and socialise with have a similar approach. But I have an interrogation fetish I want as many details from you as I can tease out. I find it incredibly appealing to speak to a total stranger about intimate topics and telling them what to do simultaneously, either for Me or for themselves, all depends on My mood and the rapport.

Here is the thing. I need a rapport. I am a Female Supremacist and an incredible Domme and I need a rapport with the person with whom I speak. I cannot judge what use I have of you, if I am not at least a little bit familiar with you. That does not mean I want to spend days emailing back and forth before actually speaking. It means that when you speak with Me for the first time, I will have questions for you to answer. It does not matter if you are calling Me for Female Domme moment, hypnosis or to offer your life to Me in servitude. I want to know more about you.

A FemDomme call is about more than telling you to suck cock or bend over so I can fuck your ass. The rapport is the key for Me. And maybe I will fuck your ass or have you suck cock for Me. Information is power and My directing questioning gives Me more power of you. I love having more power over you! A FemDomme call is a personal experience. Let’s make sure we both get one.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade


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