Squirting is banned?

Female EjaculationIt has taken me over a week to regain enough composure to address the recent banning of certain acts in UK created pornography. I understand that it will have little to no effect on me directly but it affects all WOMEN. These acts seem to be an attempt to minimised women in roles of power! Women are powerful but now our recorded representations of power are being attacked. Yes, I see it as an attack. I will write more about that shortly but I would like to specifically address female ejaculation being banned! Squirting as a woman is not acceptable in UK porn now but a man or even several men can cum on my face. Now where the fuck is the common sense here?

Some personal perspective. Since this is a personal discussion and I am a pretty open woman, let’s talk about my own personal history with squirting. This is meant as a window into my personal life and do NOT objectify my experience by turning it overly sexual. The context is merely to show you my own struggles and trials with acceptance and self worth.

9My first squirting orgasm occurred in my youth, rather early in my sexual experiences. Very early. So early that I will not share the age but you get the idea. This particular man with whom I will enjoying a good old fashioned moment of fingering (a delightfully underutilized activity) and as I approached my moment of orgasm, I squirted. The pleasure of the moment was just so amazing. I still remember that moment of complete pleasure waving over me. The moment lasted less than a second, at which point my almost surreal pleasure was shaken stolen from me but shrieks of pure laughter. I get it, he was young, I was young. This was a first experience for us both and since squirting is not necessarily something you would find in your standard sex act adolescent handbook, the response was, for him, to react like it was a comedy. I was hurt. I spent a very large amount of time trying not to orgasm unless I was by myself because of that reaction. I got over it and am aware that it was merely a childish response to a very grown woman physical response.

Squirting is a very natural act. It should be celebrated and enjoyed by all parties involved. Since my youthful experiences, I have embraced and even rejoiced in the glory of orgasming so hard that my body send forth ejaculate! It is a beautiful thing. My lovers enjoy it so much, I cannot even begin to give it words. I have come a long way in accepting my body’s fluids and responses to stimuli. When I first read about the UK ban, those first thoughts, that laughter from my youth rang in my ears. Feelings of shame, embarrassment and just not understanding all came flooding back (pun totally intended). Why is it that male ejaculate, something I associate with both violence and degradation can be considered acceptable but its feminine counterpart, its absolute representation of female pleasure be considered so vile that laws must be made about it? How can a physical representation of my feminine pleasure be considered obscene?

This is a feminist issue. This is women being told to what extent we can enjoy our pleasure. No one has a right to take that away! If a man can cum on my face, I can damn well cum on yours.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade