The Trust Factor

The trust factor is often either overlooked or taken for granted within the Hypnotist-subject dynamic. In My experience, most people assume that trust has been established through virtue of having a single communication. And while you can trust the intentions of your Hypnotist from a single encounter, the deeper, almost palpable trust connection takes time to really establish itself. Each interaction solidifies the initial feelings of trust and helps manifest as a truly trusting relationship. Why is trust so important? Can Hypnotists succeed without trust? How does this pertain to erotic hypnosis and should it be something we strive for?

The Importance of the Trust Factor

I talk about trust a lot. It plays an important role in all our relationships from your neighbour to your Domme, your partner. We have so many relationships and so many of them deepen when the trust factor is taken into account. An individual trusts that their neighbours will not break into their home. Trust. If you don’t know them, you will be more hesitant to open your door to them. The trust factor allows relationships to extent past their default setting. When you trust, you are more likely to open up and step out of your comfort zone. When looking at a power dynamic, like D-s or Hypnotist-subject, trust allows you to explore things more deeply. Something simple like spanking, for example, can be seen as abusive but with the trust factor in place, what can be perceived as an assault becomes erotic, sensual. Erotic Hypnosis works under a similar premise. If you trust your Hypnotist, then the deeper you are able to go.

Erotic Hypnosis Without Trust

Erotic hypnosis can be experienced without trust. It is not essential to a superficial hypnotic experience. Without trust though, the experience becomes just that superficial, with a deeper dynamic. While it can be fun, and is generally the starting point to most Hypnotist-subject relationship, it’s potential without trust is limited. The trance can be deep but it will not be representative of the potential when trust is in place.

Ultimately, trust should be the goal of any interaction you have. It is less important that the Hypnotist trust the subject. Depending on the goal(s) of your relationship, a Hypnotist needs you to trust Her and not the other way around. That being said though, as a HypnoDomme, I like the trust fact to go both ways. I am more inclined to be creative with subjects that I trust, as well as more open with My Own experiences when we are talking.

So in the future, to let go and trance more effectively , focus instead on building trust rather than the trance itself. The trance will happen either way, but the extent of which will be determined by the trust factor.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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The Connections That Bind Us

Connection that Bind Us with Ambre JadeEvery session we have creates these connections that bind us. Oh, I know. A little new age-y and maybe a touch far fetched but think about it. Every single time your mind opens up and becomes My playground, a connection is created. An almost palpable link between your being and Me. These connections that bind us together will last forever. This is the reason so much time can go by since our last session or remember that time, you ran away because it was too intense? This is the reason I can tap right back into your mind like no time has passed at all.

There are several way that these connections manifest themselves. I am thinking of an individual in particular. We have been doing sessions together for years, literal years, our sessions are always incredibly satisfying. The connections that bind us are so deep that I can feel his emotional distress. I can feel his need to submit to Me even when he is not in a position to do so (at work, or money being tight, etc). This connection does not really go both ways in terms of emotional reading but he does have certain impulses to reach out to Me when I call. he hears My siren call so to speak.

What an amazing connection! These connections that bind us will last forever. This is why you dream of Me at night. This is why you seek My approval for every action. This deep surrender that creates a connection with such intensity that it seems unbelievable. The best part about these connections, you do not even realise they are there. Well, not until now. Once I bring it to your attention you can almost feel it deep within you, spiraling through your mind. My hold and influence running over all the aspects of your mind.

Let’s build some connections.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade