Breast Stimulation Orgasms

Breast stimulation orgasm with Ambre JadeI have always had incredibly sensitive breasts. They really are one of my favourite parts of my body, just followed by my ass, which is delicious. But I digress. Last week, my lover and I were just laying in my bed. I was recovering from my honest to goodness, 8th orgasm within the past 5 minutes. He hadn’t cum yet. He likes to take his time. He worships at my alter and I feed him from my cup. Anyway, so the two of us laying in my bed, I am taking a short break. His hands begin to roughly caress my breast, playing with my right one lightly. Teasing my nipple and occasionally laying his lips or running his tongue over my breast.

As previously mentioned, I have incredibly sensitive nipples. When they are touched, my body responds delightfully. My inside get all turned up, swelling and moistening to the point where my nectar drips from me. Perhaps being so sensitive is what made what happened next possible. Perhaps my natural predisposition to orgasm easily or the sensitivity of my nerve endings caused the flow of pleasure that rocked through me following such stimulation. This was a new experience for me. From what I understand not a common occurrence.

The spontaneous orgasm that rocked through me was intense. More from surprise and awe at the event than the actual intensity. All things being equal it was not an immensely powerful orgasm. It did not make my toes curl or allow my body a more overwhelming sensation beyond shock. I had never cum like that before, the lack of clitoral or g-spot stimulation resulting in an orgasm is something you hear about, like an urban legend or the holy grail. I am not sure that the experience could be repeated.

So how did this happen? How could someone cum through breast stimulation alone? Perhaps it is my dedication to Kegel exercises and g-spot training that allowed such a surprisingly delightful release to happen. As my breasts are stimulated, I have a tendency to tighten my perineum. This sometimes rubs against my g-spot, stimulating it ever so slightly. I believe it came to a climax (pun totally intended). That my g-spot orgasmed through unintentional tightening of my muscles, constricting and pulsing and causing the orgasm.

All this to say, more research is necessary and see if we can repeat it. To harness the ability to cum through breast stimulation.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade