Embracing Being A BBW Goddess

Worshiping a BBW Goddess

Throughout all My experiences there is no message clearly than a Woman’s need to embrace who She is. For Me, this means embracing being a BBW Goddess. I recently received some not so constructive criticism from an anonymous source. their main critique: The size of My ass! Well, yeah it’s big! I would even go so far as to say it is large! I mean look it! As large as it is, look at the shape. Round, strong, tight for all its size! Perfection is not just what societal norms have you believe. Perfect comes from being who you are.

I love My body, I love being a BBW Goddess! I feel none of the shame this man (or woman, as it was anonymous) thinks I should! I work hard on My body. I work out several times a week, I eat well, mostly organic and rarely meat. I take care of My Goddess shaped vessel! If it makes you uncomfortable that I do not fit in a size 3 then by all means, no one is asking you to worship Me, no one is forcing you to devote your existence to Me. That is a choice. I have followers, I do not need any that criticize some so arbitrary.

I have nothing to justify in My size. I am the way I am. Being a fat, yeah let’s use that word. Fat is not always a negative. I am a fat Woman! I am a big, beautiful Woman. There is nothing to apologise for. There is nothing to explain it. It is the way it. Yes, I could explain all the reasons why I am not a size three. I could list off the reasons My bottom is so big. But why should I? Why does there need to be a reason? I am a BBW Goddess. I am the way the universe made Me. I am gorgeous, I am Dominant and I do not care that some coward is upset about My ass being fat. I am proud of it! I am pleased with it! I treat My body like the temple it is and you should do the same!

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

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