Once you are Mine

Relationships evolve. There are moments when you outgrow a relationship. Either the Domme or the sub moves on. It happens, just like any other relationship. Like any other relationship, you will have moments when you look back and have some sort of emotional response. As you can well imagine, this is true of a D-s relationship as well, including those that are not necessarily sexual in nature. The D-s relationship is so intimate even without sex. There is a connection that is truly unique when you are owned.

When a Domme truly owns you, when you are Mine, there is no escape. We can go years without interacting and a single word can pass between My lips and you will remember how good it feels to be owned by Me. you mind will flood with memories and the doctrine comes back. The connection is strong and unbreakable. Regardless of other happenings within your existence, you remember being truly owned. you remember that you are truly Mine. Being Mine is a connection that never fades. Time can pass, events can happen but nothing will break the connection of being truly owned by Me. Of being Mine.

It is both a blessing and a curse, as the Domme. While I love total control and complete ownership of you, I try to see Myself as a benevolent force within your being and want you to have certain things. I want you to get what you deserve even if that means I must take a secondary role. I can’t see all My slaves in person and I do not want to not give each individual their time with their Owner. As such, there are times that I, as their Owner, must take a minimal role to ensure that their place is properly represented. Some people need physical interactions, something I am rarely in a position to offer. When such circumstances arise, I try to help guide My slave to finding the right person to do sessions with.

Ultimately though, all slaves come back. Their place is kneeling before Me and they know it. Who could blame them for craving spending more time with Me?!

Know your place but know that sometimes you can have the best of all that is offered once you are Mine!

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

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