Goddess Worship Sessions

Lately I have been doing a great many Goddess Worship Sessions. It has been magnificent. My body gets sore after so many hours of working, working out, karate, just life in general and to end My day with a good puppy rubbing, massaging, caressing My skin. Lucky boy, isn’t he? These Goddess Worship sessions can last hours. It is absolute bliss for both of us. Not everyone gets or deserves such luxury. Worshiping, though it might seem straightforward, training it important. There are some key factors that will determine how such a session will work out.

Things to Consider Before Goddess Worship Sessions

Who are you doing this for? Are you worshiping your Goddess for you or for Her? If you are doing it for you, that is not Goddess Worship, it is a personal indulgence and you are not worshiping for the right reasons. Yes, you can be doing it for yourself as well but the main focus should always be your Goddess. Compare it to prayer. Prayers to a Goddess can be self but your intentions should always be to praise Her first!

Goddess Worship Sessions with Ambre JadeWhat makes your Goddess unique? Before Goddess worship sessions, you should reflect on the the reasons you worship your Goddess. What makes Her special? What compels you to worship Her? This tiny effort will not go unnoticed. Some Goddess thrive of the personal touches you can add. During Goddess worship sessions, I have had people worship Me for just being Superior. It is wonderful but that a little effort in making it more personal would have gone a long way!

Does your vision of Goddess worship reflect that of your Goddess? I have had some subs contact Me for a worship session and then turn it into pussy worship, them wanting to lick at My pussy for hours… Now, this is not the type of worship that just any inferior can partake in with Me. In fact to Me, it is not worship at all. The word worship comes in as an excuse to get your tongue on My clit. I don’t like it (I do enjoy the act of oral stimulation but I do not like someone thinking they can put their tongue on My skin without working for it). I don’t tolerate it. Goddess worship sessions have a deeper connection than that.

So before Goddess worship sessions, think and reflect. Have a game plan. A fumbling worship session is cute once in awhile but it gets old pretty quickly.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade