Chivalry, chauvinism and Control

Nov25Chivalry, chauvinism and control, all so different but so similar in many ways. It seems odd that a Woman of My tendencies to demand, command control would want to discuss something as ugly as make chauvinism. It is sadly a reality in the world we live in. Many of the surroundings in which I live My life seem to support and condone chauvinist males and their illusion that a phallus is more powerful than the sheath that controls it. I am not out to change the world, just the environment in which I live. I grow weary of men assuming that My uterus makes Me soft, that My breasts make Me weak, you get the idea!

Why am I bringing this up? I had an interesting discussion with My lover recently (yes, I have lovers, no, it is none of your business). He considers himself a follower of chauvinism. He isn’t. As you could easily imagine, I would not be anywhere near someone like that if given the opportunity to avoid it. Which is some circumstances is impossible but I digress. So My lover says he considers himself a chauvinist. He uses that term to describe his chivalrous behaviour. Chivalry, it seems is not dead. Chivalry is an interesting concept for Me. There are some aspect to it which I find rather appealing. It has it’s own set of rules, it’s own doctrine if you will. There are behaviours that are rewarded. Behaviours that should not ever be seen and a code of conduct that should be followed. Rituals to be followed. I am all about rituals 🙂

As a Female Supremacist you would think that chivalry would offend or at least bother Me. It doesn’t. I do not equate it in anyway to chauvinism. Some do. I see it as another set of rules, rituals that can be interpreted as an extension of My control. Doors should be held for Me (I have trouble with this one, you have no idea!), I should be greeted properly even within public view. Chivalry is a concept that can be used to convey respect and an appreciation for Female company. My slaves should all follow such rules. It is also an opportunity for you to worship a Woman without it becoming over sexualised. A set of rules and rituals whose actual purpose is that of control and submission to the Dominant Woman. I love little secrets like that!

So how does this apply to you as My submissive? Just remember that chivalry is not dead and polite behaviour is always appreciated by those around you Domme or not. Women should be cherished, treasured. We are not to be sexualised overtly but rather worshiped through appropriate behaviour and tiny acts of kindness.

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One thought on “Chivalry, chauvinism and Control

  1. Worshiping women is such a gift. Each day offers new opportunities to indulge in this joy. It is not only a very gratifying thing to do, it is the right thing.
    It is so wonderful to be able to learn from You, Goddess. Thank You.

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