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As you may or may not have notice, there is a substantial amount of fetish fun going on over on My Femdom website. I have started a Fetish of the Month event. An event where every month is devoted to a specific fetish and a variety of ways this manifests.

I will not be doing the same fetish fun with My hypnosis focus. There will be some overlap depending on the fetish, but My focus here is strictly erotic hypnosis. I do however want you aware, as it will include pic sets and videos of your Goddess. These are important for you to have for proper worship to your Goddess.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

October #FOTM: SpH


October is going to be a fun ass month!!! sph, small penis humiliation is the #FOTM for us at the Femdom Devotionals forum! So much fun. I have talked about both the #FOTM and Our forum before so I will not get into that but sph 😀 So fun!

I love this fetish! The funniest part about sph when I am on one on one sessions with people is that about 75% of the people I talk to feel the need to tell Me that in reality it isn’t as small as they claim during the session. What a hilarious response! I mean, cher, doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we will not be fucking! Do you do that? Do you feel the need to express your actual size? Maybe it is a component of the aftercare necessary on the part of the sub. I still find it amusing!

So what can you look forward to this month from Myself, Empress Vox Siren and Princess Indigo this month? SO many things!!! We haven’t completely figured out Our schedule but let Me tell you, the shit We have come up with for you is fucking golden! Brutal but erotic as fuck! you weaklings will have no idea what has hit you until it is too late!

But What is SpH?

Small penis Humiliation is usual a verbal assault on your manhood or rather lack there of! Everyone has a different way of approaching it, a different way it manifests in Their sessions. One of My favourite things to do is force you to find an instrument of measure, a ruler, a penis, something where size comparison is obvious and force you to voice what a teenie tiny weenie you have! It’s fucking delicious when you realise you are completely ill equipped when it comes to satisfying Me in a sexual way. All you can offer is your humiliation for My entertainment! My being entertained is important.

Are you the owner of a teenie weenie? Is it so small you have never felt anything while fucking another person? Tell Me about it! And pay your teenie weenie tax!

Teenie Weenie Tax:

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