Slave Training

Slave Training with Ambre Jade

As someone who excels at directing others, slave training comes very naturally to me. I have the ability to get what I want from others, and the tenacity to create a training and stick to it. I become a very integral part of my slaves’ existence. I don’t want to ruin that which is mine, and as my slave, you will be mine, I want your training to be profound, something to enrich your life, and mine.

What is expected of you?

My slaves are expected to follow my protocols. When I have accepted your application, you will receive a list outlining the protocols I want everyone to follow. As the relationship grows, so will the list of protocols and expectations.

You are expected to pay tribute on a regular basis. Weekly tributes are non-negotiable. This is part of your role as a slave. This does not mean you are into Financial Domination, it means you appreciate my time and energy, and you want to better my life.

You are expected to communicate with me on a regular basis. The medium through which we talk depends on my availability and yours.

My role as your Mistress, Goddess: 

I offer you a safe place. A place where you are free to divulge your deepest fantasies and explore your role as slave further. I will take control from you. This allows you to experience freedom on such a deep primal level. My role is to understand your kicks, fetishes, submissive needs, and provide an environment where such things could potentially be exploit, or explored. My role will vary depending on what our dynamic becomes.

What is not my role:

I am not your girlfriend. I am not your wife. I am not “baby” or “princess.” My role is akin to a goddess. I am to be worshipped and prayed to.

Do I have to be a slave to Ambre Jade to qualify for slave training?

Essentially no! I am willing to train slaves whose ultimate goals are to serve another. Not all Dommes understand or have the experience needed to establish the proper foundations for true slave training. I am willing to train you if you are planning on serving another so long as three conditions are met:

  1. I am aware that you are planning on serving someone other than myself
  2. She is aware that I am training you and has no objections to our training
  3. you continue to pay tribute and fees for my services while undergoing training

Becoming a slave for Ambre Jade:

If you are looking for slave training or would like an opportunity to serve me, then I require you complete an application. This may sound formal or cold but it allows me the chance to determine if our dynamic will work and if I see potential in you as a slave. Slave training is not something that is fantasy based. The fantasy of being a slave is lovely and should be explored but this is for those who are serious about creating a solid slave dynamic with me.

Slave Application Form:

Prior to filling out this application, be sure that you have sent along a tribute. Applications that do not have a tribute accompanying them will be ignored and forgotten, unread.