Return to the Corridor

Continue your journey through the Corridor. Continue where we left off. Your mind open, feeling your submissive nature take hold. This file will allow you to feel my influence during your day to day life. Unlike Corridor part 1, this file does explicitly increase your devotion and need for me. You will find me in your mind even during your waking experiences, nothing too distracting but enough to cause glimpses and snaps to what you have experienced in the corridor, within that room.

This file is gender neutral. You will feel arousal but that is not the central theme. The corridor series is to increase your knowledge of your own submissive nature. It is an introspective journey into your submissive sub-conscious.

Length: 21 minutes

Layering: Slight

Background: None

Headphones: Recommended

Post Hypnotic Suggestions or Programming: Yes

Format: mp3

Cost: 20.00$ (LoyalFans and Gumroad) / 35.00$ (Niteflirt)