Adopt a Bill

Adopt a Bill

Adopt a Bill

Adopt a bill for me

Look at you wanting to adopt a bill and make my life easier. It makes more sense for you to be covering my daily expenses than me.

You are ready to embark on an adventure that will bring you great fulfilment! Firstly, you contribute to my daily living. Furthermore, you have the luxury of knowing you are making me very happy. Albeit financially.

How to Adopt a Bill:

It is very simple. Each bill recurs monthly. Every month you will tribute the amount listed. Either by LoyalFans, NiteFlirt, or gift card.

If the bill has already been covered that month by someone else, your contribution will be put towards the following month.

What Happens in Return?

This contribution to my daily life means you become part of core group of pets. your contribution makes Me happy. Delighting in my happiness is sufficient enough but I will also be more inclined to spend time with you (not in person). Emails get replies, messages get responses. It fosters in Me a desire to want to know you. Which is a wonderful position for you to be in!

This experience is altogether a luxury. If you cover one of my bills, then you know the best place for your money is in my pocket.

Which Bill to Adopt:

Deciding which bill to adopt will be up to you. I may tell you which one I want you to cover if we have interacted.

Undoubtedly you can see that there are more than one bill. Which in turn gives you a massive opportunity to please me in a way that suits your personality. If you enjoy pampering me, then you will adopt a more luxury bill. Conversely, if you love knowing that my daily expenses are cared for then you will adopt one that deal with my daily needs.

What if i Cannot Afford a Whole Bill:

If you are not in a position to cover the entire bill, then why are you looking at bills to adopt? Send tribute, the amounts are not set. Or find my latest fundraising campaign and contribute there.

How Do i Cover a Bill for the Whole Year:

Use a calculator. Multiply it by the number of months left in the year. Pretty simple, why are you even asking me?


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