Every Cum for Me

When you experience an orgasm you submit to the pleasure of the experience. There is a submission within that moment and every moment where the pleasure builds to such an extent. This files focuses on harnessing that submission to pleasure and focusing it on growing your devotion to Me. This file uses NLP techniques and well as breathing for the trance. Of all My files this is likely the lightest focus on a hypnotic trance but you will see that it is not a negative in this case nor does it hinder deeper trances with repeated listening.

Length: 15 minutes

Layering: Yes, and voice effects

Background: No Music

Headphones: Yes, a must

Post Hypnotic Suggestions or Programming: Yes

Format: mp3

Cost: 25.00$ (LoyalFans and Gumroad) / 35.00$ (Niteflirt)