Doll Time

Doll Time is the beginning of a long series where Ambre Jade plays with her doll (you)! you will experience freedom from having to make any decision, freedom through complete submission. No thoughts, no wants, no needs, no desire. Just being Ambre Jade’s doll. I will toy with you, play with you how I want. There is no sexual contact, no discussion of sexuality. The eroticism lays in the complete removal of control. The experience of living through the manipulations of Ambre Jade’s wants and desires. This is a powerful file. Proceed with caution. This file is completely gender neutral and appropriate for whatever gender you identify with!

Length: 25 minutes

Layering: Slight

Background: None

Headphones: Yes

Post Hypnotic Suggestions or Programming: Yes

Format: mp3

Cost: 20.00$ (LoyalFans) / 35.00$ (Niteflirt)