CFNM: Clothed Female Naked Male (man)

CFNM or clothed female naked male (man) is a kink that I truly enjoy. The idea is that the male (or submissive) is completely nude in front of a completely clothed woman (or Dominant). This dynamic makes for very interesting responses from the man. You have no way to cover yourself,  your space to hide. You are completely exposed for all to see.

People enjoy for numerous reasons. Each individual has their own guiding attraction to the kink. Whatever the reason you find CFNM compelling, there are several unifying factors.

CFNM as a symbol of your inferiority

Not everyone deserves to be clothed. Your inferiority compared to women is clearly illustrated as you are nude, exposed in front of one or more. It is clear, as they are clothed that they are Superior. Clothing becomes a symbol. It represents something women have that you do not deserve. As a submissive, it should be obvious where you stand, your place among others. Nude, exposed.

CFNM as a symbol of vulnerability

Being nude reminds you of your vulnerability with me. You have no place to hide. The vulnerability one feels while nude is magnified by the fact that you are in front of someone who is dressed, someone who is covered. The mind’s natural inclination is to weaken, to become vulnerable to those around you who have the status of power (clothing) where you don’t.

CFNM as a humiliation

It can be humiliating being exposed in front of others, especially those who are dressed. Nudity can easily increase sensations of humiliation. This can be encouraged, and you made to feel the experience more intensely.

CFNM with Ambre Jade

I prefer all my submissives communicate with me while naked. I understand that this is not always possible as you might be at work, not alone, etc. But should you be in a position to be naked, you should be. This brings about sensations of submission from our initial contact. I enjoy this advantage, and I enjoy knowing you are sacrificing your comfort for me.