On Sending Tribute:

The act of paying tribute is an important part of Femdom. It is significant as it represents your respect for MY time. My time is valuable, my insight precious. Sending a tribute shows that you understand this and are willing to recognise the time I put in to every interaction, be it to you personally, an interaction on social media, or even just to submit to my superiority. Every individual has their own motivations for sending tribute. Maybe you just want your email replied to quicker. The point is, the act of sending tribute is significant to me which makes it important to those who plan on solidifying a relationship with me.

How to Send a Tribute:

Send Tribute to Ambre JadeThere are many ways to send me a tribute. Many of which are simple, easy, and really not challenging in any way. The most important part is that you are sending the tribute to me. For gift certificates, e-transfer, and the like the email I use is

Here are my favourite ways to receive tribute:

  • Gift Rocket, very easy to use for both myself and you. Send them to my email.
  • My STORE, just the click of a button and some information and it makes its way to me.
  • NITEFLIRT, again a simple click of a button.

Those three methods are my favourites but there are other ways to send tribute.

These delivery methods are acceptable:

  • gift cards, sent to my email (please confirm you are using .CA and not .COM, as it affects how useful the cards are to me)
  • Interac Transferred, only when I know you well enough (Canada only)
  • CASH, I do accept cash, it would be my absolute favourite method if it was not such a PITA. You and I can discuss how it can come to be in my hands.

To Send Gifts:

I have a rather eclectic wish list sent up on through which you can send me gifts. These are items I want or need. All gifts are appreciated and looked upon them fondly. I have a number of other wishlists with specific themes. Be sure to look through those as well.


If you are sending a specific gift, one that is not on my wishlist and need a mailing address, we can discuss it. I do not share my mailing address with just anyone, you have to be special in some way. You can request my mailing address but that does not mean I will give it to you.

What a Tribute is NOT:

It is not an exchange for my time. I may decide that you deserve some of my precious time as a result of your sending me something but that is at my discretion and not yours. The only way to guarantee you get some of my time is to buy it. It is pretty simple. A tribute will make me more likely to want to spend some of my time on you.