Is it Important to Serve One, and Only One?

To only serve one Mistress… is that important to you? Is it important to Her? I have been a Dominant Woman for most of My life, went through a switch period, you know how fluid sexuality can be. Anyway, when I first started doing phone domination, back when I was working for phone sex lines, “you can only serve Me” came from My lips on a regular basis, emphasizing each words, each syllable. I wanted to encourage devotion by having them serve one Goddess. At the surface, it makes sense. But that’s all it was, a superficial creation of devotion that was, for all intents and purposes, meaningless.

How can it be meaningless to serve one Mistress?

It is not that having you serve one Mistress that makes it meaningless, it was the manner in which the orders were delivered. It means nothing to serve one Mistress when you are told to do so. Well, not meaningless, but I found, especially in the environment of a phone sex company, this encouraged jealousy, bickering among Women, lies from subs, ultimately it manifests a very negative environment. I want you to contrast being told to worship one Mistress vs it happening organically, as a natural progression of your devotion.

So i should serve one Mistress?

Here’s the thing, you should serve one Mistress if it feels right to you. If you are looking for something specific and are whoring about looking for the right dynamic (there is nothing wrong with that), make sure you are honest about it. An invested Mistress will want you to find the right dynamic that works for you and will allow you to worship Her while you are searching. Well, not every one feels that way. Some Dommes are far more demanding when it comes to who their subs are spending time with. For Me, I encourage people to look beyond just Me.

Why? I want you to find the right person who will have you craving only serving Her, or Me as the case may be. I want My devoted slaves to be devoted to Me because they are, not because I am telling them to be. When I first start phone domination, I was met with a multitude of new challenges mostly due to the medium transition, in person/lifestyle vs phone/online, are different. Especially in the beginning. Bulldozing someone into worshiping Me and Me alone seemed ridiculous.

What happens with submissives that serve more than one?

My subs that serve more than Myself are encouraged to look around, try new people and even get some direction from Me as to whom they should try. Why do I let them? Because if their needs are not being met by Me alone, that will not change, what it will change is their desire to be honest with Me. I want them to feel at ease talking about what they are looking for. Especially when it comes to dating and finding a lifestyle Domme partner. I would be ignoring their desire for a physical relationship with another person solely because what? I don’t like sharing! I have no qualms sharing.

There are submissive people who want you to limit their contact with other Dommes, and there is nothing wrong with that either, but it is not something I am in the habit of doing. When I started adopting My views to one of sharing and honesty, I found that more of My submissives became monogamous and they stuck around longer. Why? Because if you are true to who you are and they are true to who they are, if creates a refuge and place of honesty. The dynamic becomes stronger because as a Domme, I see them deciding to serve one, Me rather than being forced into it. submissives in turn see this attitude as encouraging because it reminds them that you will be there to help them transition to another if that is needed and you are allowing them the choice to serve you and others.

Of course, this is not to say I cannot manipulate the situation so that you only want to serve one ­čśë

What are your thoughts on serving multiple Dommes or being exclusive? When you are spending time with a Domme as a stepping stone to something else, are you honest about it?

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

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Daily Worship, add it to your life

Daily worship should be an important part of your existence as a submissive. This does not mean daily sessions, or even daily communication. It means finding some moments within your day devoted entirely to your Mistress. There are many ways to perform your daily worship. The trick is to find the one that works best for you and Mistress.


Daily worship not only promotes the feelings of weakness you feel when near your Maîtresse but it also increases sensations of devotion, need and ache for Her. It makes every session with Her that much deeper as you have been meditating, reflecting, pondering your Mistress. Each moment you spend worshiping, roots your passion for Her deeper into your being.

Ways to Perform Daily Worship

Each Mistress has Their preferred method of daily worship. For some, it is daily sessions or conversations. For others, it could be paying a set tribute on a daily basis. Here are a few that I enjoy:

  • Daily Check Ins, I require many of My slaves to check in with Me daily. The act of writing the email can become a form of meditation. your attention focused completely on Me as you compose your message to Me.
  • Daily Sessions, obviously daily sessions are a great way to connect.
  • Nightly Prayers. While getting ready to fall asleep, open yourself up to the ritual of speaking with your Goddess through your thoughts.
  • Cumming for your Mistress only. Obviously this does not apply to those in chastity. If every time you touch yourself and even orgasm, your Ma├«tresse is on your mind.
  • Meditation. Find some quiet time and meditate on how much you appreciate and love your Mistress.
  • Make Daily Choices that reflect your Mistress’ views. I prefer you make healthy, smart choices. Have five minutes of free time? Do some jump rope for Me. Turn healthy habits into devotionals.

How do you devote your daily time to Maîtresse?

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade


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Why Send Tributes?

An important part of the submissive experience is the action of offering tributes. This is very clear to those who enjoy financial Domination. It is not only findom connoisseurs who should tribute and who can enjoy offering tribute. Every submissive should both practice and understand why tributes are such an important part of the experience.

Send Tributes to your GoddessWhy Send Tributes?

  • Because … it is proof that you recognise that time is money. Especially where you Dominant is concerned
  • Because … it shows your Mistress you care more for Her luxuries than your own
  • Because … Financial Domination is a thing and you might be into it more than you realise
  • Because … She deserves that and more
  • Because … it makes sense, Goddess is providing a service, if you enjoyed that service it makes sense to show Her
  • Because … everyone likes gifts, receiving and giving
  • Because … even if it is not someone you serve regularly, chances are offering tribute will mean She will remember your previous encounters
  • Because … it’s a pleasure you can offer
  • Because … She is the reason you feel so good. Remind Her that you appreciate Her efforts
  • Because … it just feels so good to submit every part of your being to Her, especially your wallet

There are more reasons to send tribute, different ways you can sacrifice for your Domme. The important part is to think about why you are doing it. To notice and share changes within yourself as you tribute. your submission is the ultimate gift BUT tributes remind Me how much you appreciate My taking that control.

What is your favourite way to tribute? Are your reasons different than the ones listed here? Let Me know!

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

Femdom Manners

There are some Femdom manners that can be taught, some that are intuitive and others that can be forced. There are manners and protocols that are unique to the Domme you are serving and others that have their place in the vanilla world. I am sitting in a cafe (a common setting for Me while writing) and am noticing a rather appalling sight. Far too many people are not free with their manners. Pleases and thank yous have become a rarity and casual polite statements are limited. It reminded Me of the hundreds of request I get from people wanting to be My slave, submissive, toy, etc.

It made Me think, it is time for a Femdom Manner review… how would your manners hold up when interacting with Me. Think of Me as Ms Manners. I don’t take on or even entertain the idea of keeping a submissive with poor manners. So let this be a lesson ­čÖé

Femdom Manners with Ambre JadeFemdom Manners Checklist:

  • Did you say please and/or thank you? This applies to just about anything, if you are asking, it should have a please attached. If I have done something for you, even just reading your message, it should be thanked.
  • Are you making assumptions? This is a massive pet peeve of Mine!!! Like HUGE annoyance. It falls into the category of rude even. Don’t make assumptions.
  • Have you sent a dick pic? Just DON’T! It should go without saying but apparently people are not only rude but also tasteless. There is only one cock I want to see and it is not yours.
  • Communicating/Filling in an application without a tribute. This might seem like it only applies as a part of Femdom Manners but you should consider this even in your vanilla existence. No, I don’t mean you should send giftcards to people but a tiny gift, a token for their time makes you seem far more appreciative and something not easily forgotten.

This is by no means a complete list but think before you write. I do not accept or read through messages that seem like you are not minding your manners.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade


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Responses to Corridors

Travel the Corridors with Ambre Jade

As I am getting ready to release Corridors part 2, I am looking over the hypnosis assignment included in the first one. Not a complicated assignment by any means but a simple guide of introspective thought and questions to get your mind thinking. Every time I read the responses I am filled with pride that I could facilitate such learning. It is a wonderful thing. The Corridors series is one to increase and bring toward the surface your need to submit, to add some submissive touches to your everyday. Part 1 deals with learning how you can be a better submissive, learning what environments your mind creates to exemplify your submission needs.

The chest contained a leash that attatched (attached) to my collar. I realized that my natural state is a submissive pet, and the leash is meant for one owner/Mistress to own me and make her her own obedient pet.

Collars seem to be a central theme. A simple accessory one can add to truly complete the submissive self. Do you enjoy wearing them? For Me, collars represent ownership, a sense of belonging to a single Person. A pet really is My favourite type of submissive and I am extremely pleased that this is noted in many of the responses.

I am stunned by the intensity of my need to submit and surrender to You Ms. Ambre Jade. Immediately after I passed through the door i knew you were there observing me and all I could see was myself begging You to accept me as Yours.

The need to belong. What a lovely sentiment! It always fills Me with joy when someone needs to belong. When it surpasses a want and becomes a need, a necessity to belong. Though, within this file there are no messages that the subject needs to belong to Me specifically, it seems that a devotion to Me occurs as a side effect. I am sure someone who has their place already will find that Corridors merely serves to solidify their need for submission to their owner.

This is a lovely file for those trying Me for the first time. A beautiful journey into your submissive self. A quick trip into your sub-conscious.

Are you ready to take that journey with Me?

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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“Do what You Want With me” is Not submissive Request

submissive behaviour

Why is requesting that I “do what I Want with you” not conducive to creating a proper Dominant/ submissive relationship? It seems to make sense, right? I am the Domme, you are the submissive. your body and mind belong to Me. Except they don’t! Not yet. The boundaries of our relationship have not yet been established. I do not know yet if I enjoy your whimper or your pain, your begging or release. These are key components to My enjoying our relationship. I have to know more about you before I know what I want to do with you!

So what is the proper way of approaching a Maîtresse for the first time? you are submissive. you feel your own desires are minimal compared to those of your chosen Mistress. There has to be a way to create a first encounter where you are both powerless and allowing the Maîtresse to do what She wants. There is a simple answer. you tell Her what you enjoy or what you fantasize about. This is not topping from the bottom or anything so simple. Knowing the likes and dislikes of a submissive is important. Voicing your likes to your Mistress prior to the beginning of a session is the only way to ensure that She knows what you are looking for.

It creates a solid foundation. Regardless of how long you and I decide to pursue the D/s relationship. you have to build from somewhere. Yes, of course, there are one offs and sometimes it is more about cumming than it is about worship. But this is about the D/s relationship. This is about creating a potentially long lasting, fulfilling relationship for all parties involved.

Here is the best part. Once you have established your relationship, past the first few encounters and created the proper ebb and flow of a D/s relationship, you can say “Do what You want with me” and you will both have a fantastic experience. The trust has to be present first, you put yourself in My hands completely. This is important! you have to trust Me so completely that by merely asking a tiny task of you, throws you into a submissive frenzy!

Maîtresse Ambre Jade