Every Orgasm Belongs to Me

your orgasm belongs to Ambre Jade

There is something that happens as you orgasm, as you cum. When you submit to this pleasure, you open yourself up. There is a moment (though generally short lived) where nothing matters except that moment. The pleasure running over you, the erotic sensations of feeling yourself give in to pleasure. This energy, this moment can and should be harnessed. There is a way to take that erotic energy and evolve it into something more than just instant gratification. A way to use that sensation to affect your life in a deeper way than you thought possible. This energy can act as the perfect catalyst to your true submission.

Orgasm as Submission

Every orgasm requires a certain release of control. These moments where your mind is no longer in control of your biological responses. Every orgasm has this component of submission. Domme or sub, vanilla, with a partner, without a partner, with multiple partners, etc. These moments of orgasm, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them have a moment of submission to the pleasure. A giving in or letting go of everything. This is one of the main reasons I never and have never had an orgasm with a sub (but that is a topic for another day). Even if the dynamic of the moment is not one of power exchange, you are exchanging power within your own body. The power removed from your mind, from your conscious brain and placed into the more primal, biological need to feel pleasure.

Harness that Energy and Use It Properly

With the right set of circumstances, an apt set of words, that energy can be poured into something else. Chastity is not absolutely necessary to achieve good harnessing of orgasmic energy. Though chastity remains a personal favourite of Mine, there are subjects who do not respond to it as well or just do not enjoy it. So I created a file, a recorded hypnosis session, whose only purpose is to harness that energy and use the biological processes at work during orgasm to My benefit, to My advantage and, of course, your pleasure! This virtually untapped fount of energy that is already submissive in natural can be harnessed and used to solidify your submission to your Goddess. Many take advantage of this connection but not every recording is as focused as My erotic hypnosis session “Every Cum For Me.

Allow yourself to submit to pleasure while making your submission to Me more concrete!

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

Responses to Corridors

Travel the Corridors with Ambre Jade

As I am getting ready to release Corridors part 2, I am looking over the hypnosis assignment included in the first one. Not a complicated assignment by any means but a simple guide of introspective thought and questions to get your mind thinking. Every time I read the responses I am filled with pride that I could facilitate such learning. It is a wonderful thing. The Corridors series is one to increase and bring toward the surface your need to submit, to add some submissive touches to your everyday. Part 1 deals with learning how you can be a better submissive, learning what environments your mind creates to exemplify your submission needs.

The chest contained a leash that attatched (attached) to my collar. I realized that my natural state is a submissive pet, and the leash is meant for one owner/Mistress to own me and make her her own obedient pet.

Collars seem to be a central theme. A simple accessory one can add to truly complete the submissive self. Do you enjoy wearing them? For Me, collars represent ownership, a sense of belonging to a single Person. A pet really is My favourite type of submissive and I am extremely pleased that this is noted in many of the responses.

I am stunned by the intensity of my need to submit and surrender to You Ms. Ambre Jade. Immediately after I passed through the door i knew you were there observing me and all I could see was myself begging You to accept me as Yours.

The need to belong. What a lovely sentiment! It always fills Me with joy when someone needs to belong. When it surpasses a want and becomes a need, a necessity to belong. Though, within this file there are no messages that the subject needs to belong to Me specifically, it seems that a devotion to Me occurs as a side effect. I am sure someone who has their place already will find that Corridors merely serves to solidify their need for submission to their owner.

This is a lovely file for those trying Me for the first time. A beautiful journey into your submissive self. A quick trip into your sub-conscious.

Are you ready to take that journey with Me?

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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