Domme Dating

DommeDatingSo those of you who know me well, or even a little, you are probably aware that dating, really not my thing. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I was actually on a date. I know it seems weird for someone who turned 30 this year to not remember ever dating. It is a rare thing. I tend to not really be involved in relationships that are not 24/7 D/s relationships. I have decided though that maybe it is time. Maybe it is time for me to enter this strange land realm of online dating. My current relationships are absolutely lovely and I treasure each one. But sometimes, every now and then I think it would be nice to sit and have a meal with an equal, at least a temporary equal. They can go back to rubbing my feet after a meal. 😉

I suppose I am treating this as a social experiment of sorts. Dating and especially online dating seem so incompatible with My current BDSM goals. My main issue is that though so many of my subs are either clients, and yes I still consider you mine even if you pay me for the luxury, or they have no interest (or I have no interest) in actually sharing a life together beyond a secluded weekend or evening of BDSM bliss basically beyond anything on a full time basis. It is a bit of a challenge for me to try and meld all my goals together. I would like to find someone with whom I can share a life with and also establish a well grounded FLR.

So why would I look in the vanilla world? Somewhere like online dating? Well I am not exclusively looking there, I will also be checking out other avenues. The problem with me and meeting people is well basically in very broad terms, I hate most people. Talking online first allows me the opportunity to not hate them immediately and also to get to know someone before first meeting. I am a control freak. I like to know as many details as I possibly can before going out and exploring things! Plus I am really really fucking demanding!!! There are a great many things I am not willing to compromise on.

Qualities of My Ideal Partner

  • Switch or sub
  • A firm believer in FLR and FLH, where I am the Matriarch, since in all honesty the gender of my ideal partner could be anything!
  • Open to poly relationships, I have several relationships that I will just not give up
  • No qualms with my job
  • Looking for something long-term
  • The ability to communicate openly or is willing to work on communicating openly
  • No more kids!!!

See, I am not that demanding! I just have a few things that need to be clear from the beginning! Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was so clear about what they wanted?

Updates soon I hope 😉

À bientôt,


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