Day 7: What’s Your Favourite BDSM Toy

I decided to add in that this is My favourite BDSM toy and not just toy in general. I have some favourite toys for personal use and some that are wonderful for sex sessions. These toys are separate (though not necessarily) from My BDSM toys. For the purposes of this day, we are going to talk about the toys I like to use when I am feeling a little sadistic.

My sadistic side comes out more and more frequently, I would even say it grows everyday. This is because I have let go of the guilt one feels when they inflict pain. Discussions on that journey will be out soon. What you need to know, I like being a sadist. I enjoy inflicting pain. I have My favourite instruments of torture.

Since we discussed spanking recently and as it is one of My favourite activities, let’s talk about My favourite BDSM toy in terms of spanking objects. My current most used item to force submission or get My message across or just for My Own personal pleasure in watching you squirm is a delightful wooden brush.

There is something luxurious about taking a sub over My knee and cracking their bottom repeatedly with a well weighted wide brush instrument of torture. It is lovely when you finally decide to submit, to succumb to the pain and just trance out or feel the walls of sub space open around you. Delicious torment. Squirming, aching, feeling your ass sore with every movement you make for the following days.

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À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade


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