Your Money, My Trips; Findom Opportunities

The more money you send me, the better the trips will be! I have a few trips planned for the coming year, some concrete trips and others more laissez-faire. How good would it feel to provide your Goddess the opportunity to travel? It would be better than spending the money on yourself. The knowledge that my adventures, which will be well documented, were made possible by you knowing your place, and putting my desires above your own needs. I can think of few experiences that could rival that. Few opportunities where you can be completely assured of my pleasure!

My travel schedule is still up in the air, but there are some trips which are for certain:

New Orleans:

I will be in New Orleans for a few days in December. The trip has been covered by a delightful boy who knows it is on my top three American cities to visit. I have never been. This should be exciting. As the trip has been covered your contributions will be purely for my enjoyment, my luxuries during my travels.


Winter is rough on me. Come February, March I need to escape the bitter cold that is a Montreal winter and bask in the sun for at least a week, preferably 2. Ideally, I would do one week on a random beach and then a second week in Havana. My last venture there was in 2012, and I did not get to experience all that I wanted to. I want an all inclusive beach experience for that first week. My stay in Havana will be more about experiencing the culture. A stay within the city, shopping the local markets and experiencing the local dining experience.

Tokyo, Japan:

This trip is not yet set in stone. There has been talk within my martial arts family of visiting in October 2017. This trip will likely be expensive, just the flight is somewhat ridiculous. As the date approaches, I will have more information concerning destinations, time line, travel, etc.

How Can I Contribute to your Goddess Travels?

Very easily 🙂 Send tribute via giftrocket, let me know it is for my travel fund. You will also see this button:

Scattered about my sites. Clicking on it will bring you to my Niteflirt where you can contribute as many times as you would like.

Why Should I Want to Contribute?

Beyond the pleasure you receive in sending me money, you will get the opportunity to see my travel pictures, potentially in real time. Who would not want that?

So please me, like good little piggies, squeal with delight as you send me places… if you are very lucky, perhaps I will visit somewhere near you 😉

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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