Day 6: Describe Your Weirdest or Most Interesting Fantasy

An interesting fantasy: Tea Party with Ambre JadeI have a great collection of fantasies! Many of which I like to keep a bit more private, so I will share this interesting fantasy. It is likely to not be a surprise to those of you who know Me. I have a rather intense relationship with CFNm and as such I have a fantasy that appeals to Me that reflects that fetish. Normally, My fantasies do not remain fantasy, they become reality and this is an interesting fantasy that would make a wonderful scene. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to play this one out 🙂

So what is this interesting fantasy? It’s a tea party! Not just any tea party. The Guests will all be Domme Friends of Mine. Dressed in high tea clothing, Everyone looking absolutely gorgeous. Of course, We are not going to serve Ourselves. That’s where you come in! Naked boys, bois and me serving Us. Well, not completely naked, a lovely bow tie around each of your necks, collars for those who are collared. What a lovely and interesting fantasy, yes? So much potential.

I find this to be an interesting fantasy for many reasons. Beyond My love of CFNm (clothed Female naked man), this fantasy also touches on My love of humiliation, some teasing, some Voyeurism, because let’s be honest, someone is going to be tortured by one of Us lovely Dommes! How fun would it be for you to put on a show for Us? So many ways this delightfully interesting fantasy could play out! I would prefer that it was a larger group of Dommes and several slaves serving Us. There is also a certain piece of Us being dressed in high tea clothing. That We are dressed conservatively and you, naked, bow tied potentially plugged and caged. What a beautiful image!!!

What is your weirdest of most interesting fantasy? Would you partake in My fantasy?

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