My Top 5 Hypnosis Moments of 2014

Hypnosis Moments with Ambre JadeThe end of the year and it seems appropriate to do a wrap up for you of some of the great Hypnosis Moments I have had this year! There are plenty, for sure. And this is just a simple list of the most pleasing┬ámemories I have of 2014. Don’t be fooled, there have been plenty of other moments, some more significant even than the ones I am listing here. But these are some of the hypnosis moments that I would like to share with you.

My Top 5 Hypnosis Moments:

5th Hypnosis Moment: Spontaneous Orgasm via Trigger Phrase

This year, I used My favourite trigger phrase for several of My subjects. There is something insanely powerful in the knowledge that a single phrase can bring so many to their fall. I realise this actually represents several hypnosis moments but it is a rather substantial representation of My hold over so many people! There is something about someone becoming completely unnerved because they spontaneously erupted into orgasm from the smallest phrased passing between My lips. It’s exciting for Me to think about. To contemplate how much power I have is a truly erotic thought!

4th Hypnosis Moment: Multiple Orgasms

Of all My hypnosis moments, this one brings the biggest smile to My lips. Well, My Own multiple orgasms bring a bigger smile but I digress. Most people associate multiple orgasms with Women. As they should, Our bodies are made for such pleasure and if you are not supporting that, helping a Woman achieve such a pleasure, it might be time to ask for help, but for a second time I digress. Women and multiple orgasms go hand in hand but men and multiple orgasms, this is a more complicated achievement. Unless you are Me ­čśë john came to Me early this past year having never experienced one of these incredibly special hypnosis moments. It was easiest enough for Me to facilitate such a wonderful experience for him. I look back on it and smile because he was truly doubtful. I believe he thought it was beyond My abilities. So his exclamation as the second and third are wonderful hypnosis moments for Me. Now, he is My devoted pet. Memories of Me will burn in his memory forever as the Woman who gave him that experience, as the first to give him multiple orgasms. Whether others accomplish the same thing are not, My influence will always be there.

3rd Hypnosis Moment: Creating Such Powerful Recordings

This year I released some pretty powerful recordings. Sure, many of you prefer to have one on one time with Me, which is completely understandable because, well I am pretty wonderful to have a more personal interaction with but that does not take away from how powerful and mesmerizing My recordings are. I am constantly receiving beautiful feedback, people who love My work. People who feel themselves becoming Mine after listening. This is a trend I am definitely continuing!

2nd Hypnosis Moment: Proper Protocol

I have been speaking with this particular individual for years, since the beginning of My hypnosis career even. This boy has a terribly habit of calling Me while coked out of his mind. This is not a behaviour that I condone. As you can imagine, this was a difficult habit for him to break. I helped him through it. Mainly by refusing to take his calls when he was over indulging in such horrendous habits. This one of My hypnosis moments is one I am proud. I am proud of My subjects when they work on their own behaviour with or without My influence. Now, he knows when to call and when to not. Sure, it would be even better if he never allowing that shit to run through his body but one step at a time, perhaps next year one of My hypnosis moments will be him completely free from that garbage!

 1st Hypnosis Moment: All of Them

Yes, I am going to be that corny here ­čśë I thought you should all know that I adore all of our moments together. How easily and badly you need to just submit to Me. submission is a gift, never forget that. It costs you money to submit to Me but it is still a very powerful gift and one that I always treasure.

It will be wonderful to see what 2015 has in store for us all!

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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