Mental Bondage

Mental Bondage

What is hypnosis if not an expression of mental bondage? Mental bondage is the restriction of movement without the use of rope, harnesses, cages, etc. Hypnosis is the perfect medium. Not only does it restrict movement, it also controls the environment surrounding the subject while in a trance. It creates a stream of thought that is guided by the Hypnotist, an ecology formed with one goal in mind. Submission. With your mind busy with commands from the Hypnotist, submission can even be considered a side effect. Mental bondage is created by the Hypnotist and the subject has no choice but to accept, submit and witness the experience.

Not every hypnosis session involves a passive role for the subject but it does quiet the rest of the mind. Unwelcome thoughts, either negative ones or thoughts that have no relevance to the goal of the session are quieted. The stream of consciousness is altered. The subject takes on a state wherein they have no control and consequently must submit to the will of the Hypnotist. Much like the will of the Dominant when movement is restricted through the use of rope or other forms of physical bondage.

Mental bondage can also be established through a series of commands. I normally do not recommend verbal commands to establish a bondage scene when the submissive is new or poorly trained. But through conditioning, either physical or psychological (hypnosis) verbal commands can be just as effective if not more so than bodily restraint.

When bound through physical means the submissive’s mind is still free to wonder, to explore their own thoughts. Submission is not as complete as it could be. That does not take away from the intensity of the experience, nor should physical bondage be seen as inferior. It is just incomplete when compared to the power of mental bondage. A slave that will kneel for hours when asked is far more impressive than a slave that will kneel for hours when bound.

Do not mistake My thoughts. I love bondage mental or physical. Submission is submission and power is power. And there is something spectacular about physically restraining someone, especially when they tend to misbehave.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade