Focused Intention

Erotic hypnosis has a massive variety of manifestations. Stream of consciousness, guided imagery and ASMR to name a few. (A quick shout out to My wonderful Friend Haylee, who has created some wonderful ASMR youtube videos, check out Her most recent one Hypnosis is Fake). An aspect of erotic hypnosis that I have not touched on as much as others is focused intention. This style like all components of erotic hypnosis, manifests in many ways. Each person uses this technique differently. I love this technique. I love the mental exercise involved and how one can either make a session devoted entirely to focused intention or it can be used within a session to deepen and strengthen eroticism and worship (just to name a few).

My current karate training is actually what brought about My thoughts revolving around focused intention. It is something that comes up frequently and I thought to Myself “Why not create something, record something that uses this thought process only?” So I did. Mental exercises can deepen just about any experience, why not use it to deepen your need for Me? Why not create an environment where I stimulate your mind, where I focus your mind more completely to Me.

Aren’t I nice creating this for you? Focused intention is all about exercising your mind.

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Things that are likely to happen during focused intention:

  • Getting Bored. This is why it is a mental exercise. Repetition and boredom can sometime go hand in hand but for it to be a problem exercise on your mental abilities, you have to get bored, you have to build. Growth happens when you think you cannot do anymore.
  • Stream of Consciousness. Thoughts can run through your mind while you are practicing focused intention. This is both normal and should not be the focus of your experience. This is different. The practice of pushing your own thoughts from your mind is the goal. Let the thought come to you but also let them leave and decide to focus on My voice instead.
  • Body Twitching. It is possible that during this experience you will notice your body twitches in ways you would not expect. I am not meaning that cock alone, extremities can twitch and even flail. Pay no mind to it. Just make sure there is nothing near you before starting that can be knocked over.
  • Body Temperature Changes. Some people experience a cooling down while others get the sweats. There is no way of knowing how you will respond until you experience it. Register this change but again pay it no mind. Remember for your next experience and take appropriate measures, ex get a blanket, or take more clothing off before starting.
  • Other Responses. There are other mental and physical responses you can have. The exercise aspect means, you let it happen but you do not panic or focus on it.

Enjoy your focused intention experience.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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