Multiple Orgasms through Hypnosis

Multiple Orgasms with Ambre JadeMultiple orgasms can be yet another tool in My belt. Hypnosis, specifically erotic hypnosis creates an environment in which all things are possible. And where sometimes I prefer chastity, or more restrained submission, multiple orgasms certainly have their place within the realm of mental assault on your being. When one accepts that orgasms are a form of submission, that each venture over that plateau represents your submission going deeper, it is easy to see where multiple orgasms provide a source of power. A continuous reminder of My never ending control of your cock.

Thoughts on cock control usually bring about discussions that centre around chastity and being chaste. But proper cock control is more than that. I determine when, where and how you orgasm. Accomplishing multiple orgasms while deep under hypnosis provides not only a relatively unique experience but it also creates a reminder that it you belong to Me. I can easily drain you into exhaustion so that even if you thought you could break My control, it becomes physically impossible to do so. Impossible to do so without Me. I am the only source of pleasure you need or desire. My words and My influence runs through you like nothing else.

Why Multiple Orgasms through Hypnosis?

Without hypnosis as a tool, there are few men that can achieve multiple orgasms without spending a huge amount of time training themselves. And while it is possible to do so, in My experience, men generally lack the ability to push themselves in that direction effectively. Hypnosis, My influence acts as the proper motivation needed to experience such a sensation. It eases you into the experience without spending the time necessary to train. This can actually serve as a starting point to further train yourself or as a catalyst to a quest for further knowledge. Cock control is not limited to chastity. Multiple orgasms and even a single orgasm under My influence is a reflection of cock control. Multiple orgasms just add a unique flavour that some would never otherwise experience.

Do you have any experiences with multiple orgasms? With or without a hypnotic influence?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade



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