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As I am getting ready to release Corridors part 2, I am looking over the hypnosis assignment included in the first one. Not a complicated assignment by any means but a simple guide of introspective thought and questions to get your mind thinking. Every time I read the responses I am filled with pride that I could facilitate such learning. It is a wonderful thing. The Corridors series is one to increase and bring toward the surface your need to submit, to add some submissive touches to your everyday. Part 1 deals with learning how you can be a better submissive, learning what environments your mind creates to exemplify your submission needs.

The chest contained a leash that attatched (attached) to my collar. I realized that my natural state is a submissive pet, and the leash is meant for one owner/Mistress to own me and make her her own obedient pet.

Collars seem to be a central theme. A simple accessory one can add to truly complete the submissive self. Do you enjoy wearing them? For Me, collars represent ownership, a sense of belonging to a single Person. A pet really is My favourite type of submissive and I am extremely pleased that this is noted in many of the responses.

I am stunned by the intensity of my need to submit and surrender to You Ms. Ambre Jade. Immediately after I passed through the door i knew you were there observing me and all I could see was myself begging You to accept me as Yours.

The need to belong. What a lovely sentiment! It always fills Me with joy when someone needs to belong. When it surpasses a want and becomes a need, a necessity to belong. Though, within this file there are no messages that the subject needs to belong to Me specifically, it seems that a devotion to Me occurs as a side effect. I am sure someone who has their place already will find that Corridors merely serves to solidify their need for submission to their owner.

This is a lovely file for those trying Me for the first time. A beautiful journey into your submissive self. A quick trip into your sub-conscious.

Are you ready to take that journey with Me?

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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