An Ultimate Experience in Findom

Some will tell you the ultimate experience in findom has a dollar value attached to it, well it always does. But it is less about the amount when I look at it, it is more about the pleasure you can derive from giving something that no one else can offer your Maîtresse. For some, it is spending an amount of money on Her happiness, so high that no other could possibly compete with it. For others, it is offering something that makes your Mistress’ life better. For My puppy, his ultimate experience in findom came from an unlikely source. he paid for My black belt exam. Now, I know, you might be reading this and thinking so what? It is not some large monetary value, it does not affect Mistress’ happiness as it would have happened anyway, so why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because no one else can claimed they bought this for Me. No other individual can make an offer that compares (until My Nidan exam 😉 ). his sacrifice to Me assured him a place in My memories and My memory in his bank account.

The ultimate experience in findom will vary from person to person. What makes one slave eager to give and enjoy the pleasure in giving is not necessarily the same trigger another slave will feel. Many financial domination enthusiasts will give purely knowing that they are so inferior by comparison that their only use is monetary and making sure their Goddess feels a certain amount of pleasure.

What would your ultimate experience in findom look like? Would you feel more pleasure in sending a larger amount or in the knowledge that you have purchased something no one else can?

Now, I love tributes, don’t get Me wrong, money brings Me quite a bit of satisfaction but there is something about a slave paying for something specific that they know will help My lifestyle that is incredibly satisfying. Not only does it mean they are putting My lifestyle ahead of theirs but they are also familiar with Me as an individual as well as a Goddess! There is something terribly special about that.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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Commandment 1 Clothed Female Naked male (CFNm)

Clothed Female Naked male Commandment

This is the beginning of a series of Commandments which you will adhere to when spending time with Me, regardless of the medium. We will be starting with CFNm clothed Female naked male. I do not believe I should ever remove all My clothing. When I am being worshiped, you should always be without clothing. This includes hypnosis sessions. I understand that there will be time when this is not possible but whenever it is possible this is the only way to approach Me. I will not tolerate you dressing otherwise unless you are dressed as a Woman.

Why CFMn?

you being naked automatically puts Me in a position of power. Though I am always in such a position, I like that you have a constant physical reminder of that fact that I am in complete control. Let My clothing be a reminder of how Superior I am. I get to cover Myself, I get to dress in any fashion that pleases Me and you, you do not deserve the luxury of covering up.

Exceptions to My Commandment

There are always exceptions right? The only individuals exempt from My clothed Female naked male commandment are those of you boys who like to dress in Woman’s clothing. Panties, bras, lingerie, dresses are permitted. This is because your clothing is a part of your submissive side. Be advised, there will be times when I request you be nude!

Collars, play collars are also exempt from this commandment. you have My permission to wear one during our sessions. I would prefer that you ask permission before hand.

When Clothed Female Naked man is not possible

I am aware that CFMn is not always possible. Some call from work or in a public place or their Mother is home 😉 There are a couple of acceptable reasons. The only way to know if your reason is acceptable is to ask Me! The first words leaving your mouth beyond “Allo Maîtresse, should be you begging permission and informing Me that you are not in the proper attire! I will determine if your reasoning is sound and whether or not it is acceptable to be dressed as you are.

thou shall remove all street clothing prior to any prayer or worship in the presence of Maîtresse Ambre Jade