Erotic Hypnotic Layering

Erotic Hypnotic Layering

There is more than just the conscious and the unconscious. Erotic hypnotic layering involves  going in deeper and changing every layer to create what amounts to a new reality. The varying levels of depth contribute to how ingrained the thoughts become. My power can reach into the deepest reaches of your subconscious mind, beyond the unconscious. Every level, taking you deeper and deeper to such an extent that the thoughts wondering around in your mind have no clue as to their origin.

Did that thought come from Me? From My power? Or was it something hidden so deeply that you needed My influence to bring it out of you? Ultimately, how it gets there is not important. The origin is insignificant unless it is a thought that does not suit Me. In that case, its origin is very important. It is important so I know where to plant My seeds of change.

Obviously, the seeds planting through My erotic hypnotic layering are those we have discussed beforehand. I do not believe that a hypnoslave should be completely without a say in the evolution of their thought process. I use My powers for good not evil. Unless you contact Me in a different capacity. Where there is light, there is always a shadow. The trust involved in the hypnotic relationship is crucial. I am a trustworthy Woman, a powerful Woman that can easily alter your reality.

It can be frightening and it should be. you are opening your layers to Me. Opening up the parts that make up the individual. But as frightening and scary as the thought may be when trust has been established there is no need for any qualms. When you are in the hands of a talented and powerful Woman, one who completely understands your vulnerability there is no cause for concern. No need to worry that lovely mind of yours. When it becomes Mine, that mind will be clearer, and closer to perfection.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade