Knowing Your Hypnotic Goals

Hypnotic Goals with Ambre Jade

It’s incredibly important that you know your hypnotic goals. I know hypnosis is all about a complete release of control and power BUT you should have a goal in mind. Check out My Beginner’s Guide to Hypnosis page for a bit more information on starting your journey into erotic hypnosis. So what are hypnotic goals? What does that really mean? Everyone has different ideas about hypnosis, how it should be presented, what it means, there is a huge list of variations, which is one of the most delightful things about hypnosis but also one of the most tedious as a HypnoDomme when dealing with a new subject.

With every new subject who calls Me, I ask a series of questions. These are also listed on the guide. The most important question

What is your goal for this and future sessions?

It is a simple enough question but can be incredibly difficult to answer. Which is completely understandable but it is something that should always be addressed! your hypnotic goals are can be fluid and change depending on the intensity of our relationship and the changes to your own sexual desires. Just like sexuality is fluid, erotic hypnosis’ fluidity makes it easily adaptable to any changes to your own sexual evolution. The problem is, hypnotists, regardless of how masterful, are not mind readers! We are not aware of those changes. The evolution. Sometimes we cause the evolution and changes but that implies a relationship. Not something that can be established within the first session.

Brainstorming your Hypnotic Goals

Stream of consciousness writing tends to be My go to when people are looking for their hypnotic goals. It opens up so many possible outcomes and maybe even some hidden depths to your desires. It is a good idea to have some sort of direction to start from. My suggestion to most people starting out is answer this: Do you want to cum? Whether you are allowed to or not, whether you will or not is something completely separate. Do you want to cum? Don’t answer is by simply saying, if My Goddess so desires. your Goddess is not there while you are writing. Just think about it and be honest with yourself. Do you want to cum? This is not a hypnotic goal but rather a stepping stone to finding your hypnotic goals. The answer to that question when written down will allow you to brainstorm your goals.

Yes, i want to cum!

  • Is an orgasm the main focus of your hypnotic goals?
  • Is the act of relinquishing your power over what prompts you to want to orgasm?
  • Do you want to be teased toward orgams?
  • Do you want to be commanded to orgasm?
  • etc

you can easily see where that line of questioning is going! Come up with some more questions or thoughts to write down as part of your hypnotic goals.

No, i don’t want to cum!

  • Do you want to be teased?
  • Do you want your arousal to be completely ignored?
  • Do you find the act of submission erotic enough?
  • etc

Again you can see how these questions go. And you can see how answering the question: Do you want to cum? can bring about a multitude of responses and direction! Also it is a good point to note that it is up to the Hypnotist as to whether or not you orgasm!

So now that we have a starting point, write it down. See where your thoughts bring you! When do you know you have hit the end? When do you know you have found your hypnotic goals? The truth is you never do. As previously stated, sexuality is fluid and evolves. I very often tell My subjects to re-evaluate their hypnotic goals from time to time. See what has changed, what has remained the same.

Examples of Hypnotic Goals:

We talked about finding them, but what are hypnotic goals really? Are they an end result? A step towards ultimate submission? Because of the uniqueness of each individual, no one can really say for certain, there is no clear definition. And sometimes an example is worth a thousand explanations. (Yes I know that is pictures and words but I think the same rules apply.)

  • Cock control, allowing my Goddess to completely control My desire.
  • Tease and denial
  • Grooming to be a submissive
  • Exploring a fetish
  • Feeling what it would be like to be a Woman
  • Deep trance
  • Role plays, therapist, teacher, etc
  • many, many more

The main thing to remember is you have some idea what your hypnotic goals will be! Even if you only have a vague idea or a bunch general hypnotic goals. So get to writing and communicating! How do you find your hypnotic goals? How have they evolved over time and within different relationships?

À bientôt,

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