Day 4 and 5: Kinky Experiences

Let’s talk about some kinky experiences! So I am combining Day 4 and 5 of My 30 Days of kink for a few reasons, first off, I am behind in My writing and want to write an actual blog post today 😉 and second, they seem to fit well together!

Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.

Well as I discussed yesterday, Day 3, I have really always been kinky. But there were some early kinky experiences that, in retrospect, hinted at My current identifier as a Domme. I always had a thing for teasing, what I would now describe as torturous tease and denial sessions were My Saturday nights, combined with some forced exposing. I always loved how people would react to the tiniest touches of My fingers, how the breathing would change, how desperately their hips would try to rock in hopes of My fingers applying more pressure or even allowing a release. These reactions were always done in front of My current lover but never with. (I prelude to My love of cuckolding, perhaps)! There was something about both those boys suffering at My hands that was so deeply satisfying. The specific kinky experience I am playing in My mind, the one I am writing about, involved someone who was My boyfriend (I guess you would call him, remember I was quite young, young enough I do not want to state My age on here) and a mutual friend. There were several of us, just sitting around doing, well, we were smoking things 😉 So a group of easily about 8 people. Including Myself, My boyfriend at the time and the boy I really enjoyed teasing! I still remember quite clearly sliding My fingers over the teased boy’s pants, the feel of him hard under his pants, touching the head while staring right into the eyes of My boyfriend. Wow, the clarity of this memory is actually quite shocking, I had all but forgotten about these moments, these hidden times with friends. I suppose this was the real moment where it first came up.

It’s funny because during this kinky experience, I honestly had no idea how deviant this behaviour actually is. I mean, I suppose compared to My current fetishes and kinks this looks like innocent touching between friends, but I doubt those two men have the same perception of their boyhood experiences with Me. To them the torture was so clear right away. I enjoyed that feeling, that power. There being witnesses to their surrender to Me only added to the experience, I had always been an exhibitionist. I wonder how they remember these moments. As I am writing this all down I am still amazed at how clear the memory is, how I can feel the sensations under My fingers each time I strike the keys. Maybe because that was the first circumcised cock I had every touched…

So there it is, My early kinky experiences, not even what I thought the answer would be, went even earlier into My reflection and remembered this… I think I should call them 🙂

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