2021 Update:

Sessions are available via appointment only.

Sessions Available:

The Ambre Jade Empire offers a variety of different sessions with Female Domination as the central theme. My passion for a variety of subjects has created an Empire that is unique in Femdom. It is complex with a specific type of individual who seeks out my advice and guidance. There are also those who look for more tradition D-s dynamic sessions which have little to do with guidance. I also strive who help those who are willing and waiting to change something about their life. Long way to say that I have many different sessions that I enjoy and would be willing to do with you.

Femdom Sessions

Femdom sessions and the multitude of ways that is represented are available with me in a variety of ways.

Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

I have been practicing hypnosis for a number of years, the majority of them being focused on erotic hypnosis.

Fetish Sessions

Not everyone truly understands fetishism and the various ways it can manifest. I love fetish discussions as well Femdom sessions revolving around fetishes.

Therapy and Life Coaching Sessions

It is hard to find someone who is both empathetic and Dominant. To find a person who can truly change your life for the better and offer guidance to accomplish your goals.