FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I connect with Ambre Jade?

There are a number of ways in which you can contact me. If you would like to have a session, calling through Niteflirt or my toll free number is your best bet. Please note that if I am not expecting your call, I may not pick up. An email prior to a session is the best way to confirm I am available.

I can’t seem to access the Members area. How can I do that?

The members area is currently under construction. Once the construction is complete, a password will be required to access it. The password will be purchased on a monthly basis. More information will be available as the site evolves.

Do you have any new products coming out soon?

I am always releasing new products, or at least thinking, writing, creating new products. New products will be showcased on the front page. You can also subscribe to my PRODUCTS to receive notifications when new products have been released.

I am already serving a Mistress, would working with Ambre Jade be beneficial?

I am not about “stealing” you from your Mistress, I encourage those serving others to work with me if they are looking to improve their devotion to their Mistress as well as construct an ideal time/money ratio. I also help people come to terms with their fetishes and their identity as submissive, slave, etc.


Please note that this page changes as questions arise. I try my best to wait until a question has been asked more than 5 times before placing it here. For specific questions, you may email me AmbientAmbre@gmail.com. Please be clear in your communication about the subject matter and do not look upon this as an opportunity to waste time.