Rates for Sessions

Rates for Sessions:

The rates for sessions are dependent on the type of session as well as the medium through which we connect. While most sessions are rated on a per minute basis, there are other sessions, like life coaching, that are rate by the package. More packages will become available with time. Be sure to check out the members page for content that free with your membership fees.

Phone Session Rates:

Sessions over the phone, including Femdom, therapy, fetish, etc are billed at a rate of 2.25USD/minute. Depending on how you are contacting me, there could be a minimum time requirement for the session.

Text Session Rates:

Sessions through text, IM, kik, etc are billed at 1.75USD/minute.

Cam Session Rates:

Sessions via webcam, including hypnosis, Femdom, and some therapy sessions (to be determined by the nature of the session, potentially cheaper within a package), are billed at 3.75USD/minute. Please be sure you understand the rules concerning cam sessions before purchasing. By appt ONLY!

Hypnosis Session Rates:

Hypnosis sessions with voice are 3.00USD/minute. This does not include cam sessions. Why are hypnosis sessions more expensive? Read More HERE.

Hypnosis sessions via text are 2.25USD/minute.

Hypnosis sessions with cam are 3.75USD/minute.

Package Rates:

Life Coaching sessions are available not only at a per minute rate but also in packages. This is dependent on what we are trying to accomplish, the time frame, and how often we will interact. Consult the Life Coaching / Therapy site for further information.