Posture in Femdom

Something I can never stress enough is posture in Femdom sessions. It may seem silly. Something that really does not seem important at first glace. Posture in Femdom? What does that mean? A slave, while inferior should always strive to achieve the best possible posture in any position his Mistress puts him in. Slouching, humped back, rolled shoulders, these are completely unacceptable for any slave of Mine. Inferiority does not equate small or meek. Okay, in some ways it does. But this should not be reflected in how you hold yourself. Especially in how you hold yourself around Me.

Whether our sessions are in person, over the phone, via Skype, texting, poor posture in Femdom is inexcusable. I understand that your knees hurt, your back aches, your arms are tired, insert other excuse but there is no reason to present yourself poorly in My presence. Kneeling is a crucial component to My sessions. I like My slaves and subs kneeling for Me, either for short bursts of time or extended throughout the entire session.

Those aches and pains you feel, the tired muscles and sore joints are a significant part of your training. Posture in Femdom is a sacrifice. you are sacrificing your comfort to show Me that you are proud to serve. That I am making an effort to control you and therefor you are willing to endure any minor pains that may come up during the session.

This does not only apply to masochists. The pain is part of your training. It is symbolic of your willingness to submit yourself to Me and My will. your back is straight, your chest out, shoulders squared but relaxed. The amount of time you spend in this position will increase as time goes by and you will notice a difference聽in how long you can hold positions. In turn this embrace of proper posture will be reflected in your daily life, even while not worshiping Me. It will be a positive change in your life.

Practice kneeling for Me, with proper posture and tell Me how it feels.

脌 bient么t,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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30 Day Chastity Challenge Finally Together

I hinted at this with My last post. More fun and excitement on the chastity front from Me 馃檪 I have created what I feel is something rather unique. A 30 Day Challenge that brings together chastity and teasing. I wanted to create something unique, something a bit more fun that your standard just don’t cum for 30 Days challenge!聽Some that would聽tease you and聽tantalize and bring you to the edge just about every day of this challenge. I wanted to exercise My creativity while giving you the opportunity to feel My distinct influence running over you.
Now, I get that some of you will see 30 Days as a long challenge. Something daunting and potentially unattainable. Here’s the thing, you can do it. you can successful avoid orgasm for 30 days for Me. It is a sacrifice you are making for Me. It might be the hardest sacrifice you have faced in a long time, but it will be both pleasurable and memorable. It will test you, it will fuck with you. It will play with your senses… I am so excited for this, you have no idea!

I created an audio introduction to My 30 Day Chastity Challenge for you. This will give you an idea of the tone and My style of teasing for the next 30 Days!

How Does the 30 Day Chastity Challenge Work?

Right now, I am mainly pushing the challenge through My Femdom Niteflirt. It is available through paid mail, if you are not familiar with the system, you can find all kinds of information on their site. Each mail will contain the instructions (audio and brief outline through type) for that day as well as a link, button, for the following day as well as a cum tax should you fuck up, which you won’t.

you can also email Me for other ways you can participate outside of Niteflirt. you will receive an email the night before, so that you wake to your instructions in your inbox! Lucky you!

Enjoy this challenge, it is the first of many to come!

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Femdom Life Coaching: A holistic approach to Female Domination

My approach to Female Domination has always been very holistic. I strive to impact not just your sexuality but other aspects of your existence as well. Femdom Life Coaching is the best term to describe My intentions. The creation of a plan for slaves and submissives whether they are proponents of My doctrine or not. The idea is that your devotion to Female Domination should have an influence in your every day life. We are not always prepared to serve in a holistic fashion. There is a focus on sex, and orgasms, and kink distractions. But Femdom is about more than that for many. It should be a way of life, a way of being. Life coaching is about being in the present, about influencing your present to attain a specific goal. Who better to help you on that journey than a Domme? Femdom Life Coaching creates an environment where both your sexual self and your being can grow.

Femdom Life Coaching can include:

  • Exploration of new fetishes
  • Finding ways to express your devotion without compromising current relationships
  • Creating a daily routine that works and you can stick to
  • Learning to approach Dommes
  • Learning to work with the right Domme
  • Finding your hang ups with complete devotion
  • Coming to terms with your reality
  • Fitness and healthy habits
  • Financial budgeting and Domination
  • Homework
  • Self reflection
  • the list goes on…

The possibilities are truly endless. To celebrate My newest approach to Femdom and embracing Femdom Life Coaching, I will be creating a twelve week program for those wanting to New Year on the right foot.

Femdom Life Coaching sessions are different from Femdom sessions in that they are not focused on you pleasing Me. This is about you learning to find the right ways to please a Domme that work well for both parties. These sessions can be done via phone, text, or cam.

My goal is to be a benevolent force within your existence. Someone who can both dominate and help simultaneously to create an atmosphere in which you can flourish as a submissive, slave or other.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

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Femdom Manners

There are some Femdom manners that can be taught, some that are intuitive and others that can be forced. There are manners and protocols that are unique to the Domme you are serving and others that have their place in the vanilla world. I am sitting in a cafe (a common setting for Me while writing) and am noticing a rather appalling sight. Far too many people are not free with their manners. Pleases and thank yous have become a rarity and casual polite statements are limited. It reminded Me of the hundreds of request I get from people wanting to be My slave, submissive, toy, etc.

It made Me think, it is time for a Femdom Manner review… how would your manners hold up when interacting with Me. Think of Me as Ms Manners. I don’t take on or even entertain the idea of keeping a submissive with poor manners. So let this be a lesson 馃檪

Femdom Manners with Ambre JadeFemdom Manners Checklist:

  • Did you say please and/or thank you? This applies to just about anything, if you are asking, it should have a please attached. If I have done something for you, even just reading your message, it should be thanked.
  • Are you making assumptions? This is a massive pet peeve of Mine!!! Like HUGE annoyance. It falls into the category of rude even. Don’t make assumptions.
  • Have you sent a dick pic? Just DON’T! It should go without saying but apparently people are not only rude but also tasteless. There is only one cock I want to see and it is not yours.
  • Communicating/Filling in an application without a tribute. This might seem like it only applies as a part of Femdom Manners but you should consider this even in your vanilla existence. No, I don’t mean you should send giftcards to people but a tiny gift, a token for their time makes you seem far more appreciative and something not easily forgotten.

This is by no means a complete list but think before you write. I do not accept or read through messages that seem like you are not minding your manners.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade


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As I show him the pictures I keep adding more LMFAO! A great way to be entertained!


And then he started running his mouth, trying to tell Me what to do to him. This is not acceptable behaviour in any way!!!


And so he must be punished! 50 slaps with a slipper repeating “i do not make decisions” with every slap.


Then I sent him to the store, wearing pants and his jacket, no shirt. The jacket is to be open the whole time he is shopping!


Goddess Worship Sessions

Lately I have been doing a great many Goddess Worship Sessions. It has been magnificent. My body gets sore after so many hours of working, working out, karate, just life in general and to end My day with a good puppy rubbing, massaging, caressing My skin. Lucky boy, isn’t he? These Goddess Worship sessions can last hours. It is absolute bliss for both of us. Not everyone gets or deserves such luxury. Worshiping, though it might seem straightforward, training it important.聽There are some key factors that will determine how such a session will work out.

Things to Consider Before Goddess Worship Sessions

Who are you doing this for? Are you worshiping your Goddess for you or for Her? If you are doing it for you, that is not Goddess Worship,聽it is a personal indulgence and you are not worshiping for the right reasons. Yes, you can be doing it for yourself as well but the main focus should always be your Goddess. Compare it to prayer. Prayers to a Goddess can be self but your intentions should always be to praise Her first!

Goddess Worship Sessions with Ambre JadeWhat makes your Goddess unique? Before Goddess worship sessions, you should reflect on the the reasons you worship your Goddess. What makes Her special? What compels you to worship Her? This tiny effort will not go unnoticed. Some Goddess thrive of the personal touches you can add. During Goddess worship sessions, I have had people worship Me for just being Superior. It is wonderful but that a little effort in making it more personal would have gone a long way!

Does your vision of Goddess worship reflect that of your Goddess? I have had some subs contact Me for a worship session and then turn it into pussy worship, them wanting to lick at My pussy for hours… Now, this is not the type of worship that just any inferior can partake in with Me. In fact to Me, it is not worship at all. The word worship comes in as an excuse to get your tongue on My clit. I don’t like it (I do enjoy the act of oral stimulation but I do not like someone thinking they can put their tongue on My skin without working for it). I don’t tolerate it. Goddess worship sessions have a deeper connection than that.

So before Goddess worship sessions, think and reflect. Have a game plan. A fumbling worship session is cute once in awhile but it gets old pretty quickly.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

Some Thoughts on FemDom Name Calling

I am not a huge fan of name calling. Well, that’s an exaggeration. There are certain terms and expressions I LOVE and use on a fairly regular basis. I do have many terms I hate to use and hate to say. When the terms come up organically, I have no issues. The rhythm is not broken and things just flow nicely. It is not that I have a problem with naughty words or aggressive behaviour. Believe Me, I have no qualms being a bitchy Cunt! There are just some terms that are a seemingly prominent part of Femdom name calling. To each Their own, of course, and I do not criticize anyone for using the terms I dislike. I just have trouble forcing them from between My tasty lips.

Why do I hate these Femdom name calling terms? And what terms get under My skin.

Femdom Name Calling with Ambre Jade

paypig: I cannot even begin to explain how much I hate this term and how it is comes up soooo often within the Findom community. I get it “OINK OINK OINK” and all that. But why this particular term? I have tried, I really have to love this Femdom name calling term. It is hugely popular. It is great business but fuck, I just cannot get down with it. I have said piggy before. It came out nicely as My guy was snorting at the time. I wish I could give you a more precise reason as to why it irks Me so much. I really do not know. Perhaps it is a combination of its overuse and the idea that the relationship is so completely one dimension. I am not saying it is one dimensional, it just seems that way whenever I read it.

faggot: I have said it before and will likely say it again but only when it flows well. My aversion to this particular Femdom name calling term is easier to put into words than聽paypig. This word just feeds homophobia and the idea that being gay is an insult. It isn’t. It is a state of being.

stupid: Oh My Fucking Gods do I hate this word!!! As a way to describe a specific behaviour, I have no problems using it. “Well fuck, that was stupid!” But as a word to describe an individual, especially an individual who has chosen to spend their time with Me, NO, NEVER. When you make the decision to worship Me, to spend on Me, to talk with Me, you are making a brilliant choice! This Femdom name calling word does not apply. you are not stupid. By calling Me, you have proven that you are not stupid.

sissy: This Femdom name calling term is up there with paypig in that I really want to like it. And the term does apply in many many cases. It does come up naturally, and in those instances I will use it. But I hate Myself afterwards, every single time. It reminds Me is school yard bullying bullshit. Which could easily be why some people enjoy that particular term. There is also the undertones and implications that being feminized makes you inferior. If anything to Me, feminization brings you up the ladder 馃檪

Are there Femdom Name Calling Terms you dislike? Do you like some of the ones on My list?

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade



A Domme Girlfriend Experience: Something you need!

A Domme Girlfriend Experience with Ambre JadeRecently I have been doing a LOT of Domme Girlfriend Experience sessions! I find Myself genuinely enjoying these sessions. At first, I thought, fuck no! I don’t do the girlfriend thing in My personal life why would I do it in My professional life? But let Me tell you, the experience has been nothing but rewarding! Both financially and in terms of entertainment! Not every wants a Domme Girlfriend Experience and that is fine, but don’t you want to try it? Doesn’t the idea of a Girlfriend who controls your every moment appeal to you? Of course it does! Plus it is Me! So who wouldn’t want a similar session with Me.

What is a Domme Girlfriend Experience with Ambre Jade?

Obviously, this will not be like your typical girlfriend experience session! I am controlling, sometimes manipulative but always caring. Sure My caring usually has My Own motives but hey, enjoy what you can. My company is worth a little manipulation, isn’t it? Having Me for your Domme Girlfriend experience offers you something different than your typical Domination sessions. There is a certain amount of knowing each other. The dialogues between the two of us means you are sharing your life with Me. It is an intense and intimate relationship. Now that does not mean I will fuck you. Silly boy! That’s not going to happen but if you are a very lucky boyfriend, I might cuck you!

A Domme Girlfriend Experience with Me will also mean that there is someone you love, care deeply for that completely accepts all your fetishes. Not only that, but understands them and has some fetishes of Her Own. Experiencing Me as a Girlfriend also means you will get a taste of being a proponent of FLR (Female Led Relationship). you might get a clearer understanding of My version and how you can go about implementing it in your daily life as well. This will be excellent practice for those of you who are interested in pursuing this genre of relationship in the future.

The Benefits of a Domme Girlfriend Experience

This Domme Girlfriend Experience is very similar to a D/s relationship but perhaps a little lighter. A little less focused on the complete Dominance and submission and more focused on enjoy each other’s company. Niceties and such will be exchanged and genuine conversations that revolve around more than just your need to submit to Me. Of course, I will always be in charge, but this will give you the opportunity to have your voice giving a little more weight.

A Domme Girlfriend Experience with Me, is likely to include some webcam time, in fact, just this morning I was speaking with one of My boys while I was folding laundry. This sort of experience is far more casual and light and really has the potential to be a lot of fun. Talking and interacting with Me on a more casual basis gives you insight to both My life and My vanilla experiences. Allowing this type of session to really become a very real Domme Girlfriend Experience!

Join My harem of Domme Girlfriend Experience boyfriends 馃檪

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

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Things to Know About Me Before A FemDomme Call

121114Every FemDomme call is unique. And every Female Dominant you call will have a different approach. My approach has been and always will be one of inquisition. I like knowing you. I like you knowing certain parts of Me. According to the feedback I receive from both callers and submissives, this makes My approach unique. Not that others are not interesting in knowing you, far from. Most of the Dominant Women I know, and socialise with have a similar approach. But I have an interrogation fetish I want as many details from you as I can tease out. I find it incredibly appealing to speak to a total stranger about intimate topics and telling them what to do simultaneously, either for Me or for themselves, all depends on My mood and the rapport.

Here is the thing. I need a rapport. I am a Female Supremacist and an incredible Domme and I need a rapport with the person with whom I speak. I cannot judge what use I have of you, if I am not at least a little bit familiar with you. That does not mean I want to spend days emailing back and forth before actually speaking. It means that when you speak with Me for the first time, I will have questions for you to answer. It does not matter if you are calling Me for Female Domme moment, hypnosis or to offer your life to Me in servitude. I want to know more about you.

A FemDomme call is about more than telling you to suck cock or bend over so I can fuck your ass. The rapport is the key for Me. And maybe I will fuck your ass or have you suck cock for Me. Information is power and My directing questioning gives Me more power of you. I love having more power over you! A FemDomme call聽is聽a personal experience. Let’s make sure we both get one.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade


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A Special Chaste Anniversary

A Special Chaste AnniversaryA year in chastity! Being chaste long term is not for everyone. In fact, off the top of My head, I can only think of a handful of people that could actually make such a commitment to chastity! It is not an easy experience. And My puppy did make a couple of mistakes in the last three years. But over the last year, I have been incredibly impressed with his devotion! he did however have one orgasm through this year. A single release, that was not sanctioned by Me.

This release, this cock up in his year long chaste devotion was not the result of a purposeful orgasm and occurred while he was sleeping. Since it was through no fault of his own, I have decided to exclude it! he paid Me a hefty sum in his quest for forgiveness. My decision to exclude this dreaming, sleeping orgasm was a difficult conclusion to come to. On the one hand, he fucking came, without permission. On the other, he was in a state of sleep and he could not physically stop this orgasm. The sleeping orgasm was not experienced as a pleasure, rather he woke up to a wet bed. I am sure he loves Me sharing these details LOL!

The lack of pleasure was the main component, the main factor in My decision to keep his chaste record clear.聽his honesty about the experience, his willingness to confess this sin to Me also meant that I was willing to forgive his transgression. There are certain things we as human beings can control. When the pent up need for release becomes a biological need as opposed to a desire for pleasure, there is a need for milking. Since My puppy and I do not live together and live a significant distance from one another, the milking option was not available to us. So the body found a way.

A lesson was learned for both of us. Being chaste, especially for the long term is a massive commitment on both the key holder and the chaste individual. For males, the body needs a 聽certain release but that does not automatically mean there will be pleasure surrounding it. My puppy did not feel the potential pleasure of that orgasm. Had he been in a state where he was awake and completely conscious, it could have been dealt with in a different way. A milking would have made a difference, iMo. But hindsight is 20/20.

Before you embark on a long term chaste agreement, make sure you are ready to embrace every aspect of it. Short term chastity is a pleasure as well. I consider the two entirely different. More on that later.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade


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