Let’s Play Catch Up

It’s been more than a few years since we last spoke, other than my podcast announcement last week. So let’s play catch up. It seems pretty insane to me that my last post was so long ago. A lot has happened during that time, and a lot of sameness, I suppose. The question remains, where to begin… I am guessing some sort of order will come together as I write.

So let’s start with the most apparent aspect of the catch up, if you are reading this. I have amalgamated the majority of my content. Up until recently, everything was separated via various sub-domains or even completely off site places. So yay, we checked off that box!

So now that I have played catch up with my sites, does that mean I will be back to taking calls? In all honesty, I am still undecided. There are aspects I miss, aspects I love, and aspect I have to deal with and obviously, aspect I hate about returning to phone domination and hypnosis. I am really unsure. For the time being, I have many fingers in many pies and it sometimes threatens to get very messy. So as I tell my submissives, do not promise anything you cannot follow through with. Especially in heated moments. So I will continue with my book and continue blogging here. If I decide to add in more, well I will 馃檪

What is left to catch up on?

A few things, I have been working my ass off as a personal trainer, specialising in programs based in martial arts training. And a variety of group fitness classes. It has been a very rewarding and exciting venture. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions in Montreal, I am not really in a position to work. Which is probably why I am finding time to do some house keeping on The Ambre Jade Empire. Plus my now incredible web design skills!

My son is now an adult, so no more homeschooling for me!!! So much freedom suddenly. Not that I have been able to enjoy it… so here is the shitty thing:

I had to have yet another open heart surgery, it’s all good, I am fine now. However my bioprosthetic valve was not strong enough to contain all my awesomeness, so there was a second surgery where it was replaced with a mechanical one. So now I tick. It’s been interesting. Recovery has been and continues to be long, however I am optimistic things will be “normal” again at some point.

So how are you? What have you been up to over the last, how long has it been? I am actually going to have to check, because I have no idea. There was one post three years ago, but it was me listing why I have not been posting… So I am going to say about 4 years… Time goes by fast.

脌 bient么t,


Been Awhile Right?

Yeah, I know… Long time. And I am not making some big announcement about returning to the world of phone sex Domination. Even though it has always been a great passion of mine. This pandemic has created an over abundance of free time for me and many others. And since I am incapable of sitting still for too long, I have returned to the world of AmbreJade and kinky living, loving, being. Other than finishing my book, which is coming together tranquillement pas vite, I have also been working on a bi-weekly podcast called “The Dynamics of Love.”

It is brand new, as in still waiting for Google podcast to register it new. However, I wanted to share this news with you. Early as it may be for subscribing. You can however subscribe via apple podcasts already 馃檪 Or via our website.

So have a listen or two, and another release is set for Wednesday, October 21st, 2020.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

Life Update: What’s Up With That Busy Schedule

As some of you have likely guessed, and it seems pretty obvious from my lack of posting for the last six months, my schedule has become insanely busy. There are only so many hours in a day and I seem to be running out of them on a daily basis. Which happens, we all have things we must prioritise over others. Unfortunately, at the moment, my Domme schedule is not as high on the list of priorities. It sucks to say it. I didn’t really want to admit such a thing to myself, but that is the reality, as demonstrated by my availability and content releases.

Sadly, I am not sure how to remedy this in the near future. I don’t want people thinking I have just disappeared and am no longer invested in BDSM, because I am. It is an important part of my being. Just not THE most important part of my being at the moment. I have my regulars with whom I am in regular contact and they are aware that our communications will be limited and that scheduling time with me is the only way to go.  I encourage those who are looking to get in touch with me to email me with their availability and we can go from there.

So why am I do busy?

My new freelance work has become full-time, which is wonderful. And while it has challenges I am new to facing, I have been thoroughly enjoying it.

My son, as always, is the top priority. He takes up much of my time.

My karate training has intensified. I have an upcoming nidan exam. In about six weeks or so. This has occupied every evening during the week and my entire Saturdays. Not a complaint, because I love it, just giving you an idea of the time I put in. 3 hours every evening. 90 minutes for karate, and another 90 minutes on kickboxing or fight classes (depending on the day). It has been intense and hard but worth every moment. There is also an essay portion of the exam that I have to find time for, I have been procrastinating, eventually it will get done 馃槈

Those three areas of my life right now are the most time consuming. I have been trying to find time to write blogs, create content and all those things but at some point I need to sleep… Or so my body tells me. My plan is to continue releasing content once things settle a bit, after my exam.

In the meantime, enjoy some of my previous releases. Email me your schedules, and find together, we can get through my busy schedule 馃槈

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

Blue Lace Ass Worship Pic Set


Worship my lusciously thick bottom and legs. Wrapped so perfectly in bright blue lace. A BBW lover’s dream come true.

Cost: 10.00$ 7.50$

Format: png

Quantity: 12

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Fetish of the Month: My Voluptuous Ass

New Month, New fetish. This month the focus will be my voluptuous ass! The fetish of the month was on hold for a little bit while I got my new sites all organized, and while there are still improvements to be made, 聽I see no reason to deny you this month’s fetish. Especially when it is such a delightful fetish.

Fetish of the Month with Ambre JadeThe Fetish of the Month will be my voluptuous bottom. Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Ass centric pic sets, covered in a variety of delicious undies
  • Teasing videos, something to get very excited about
  • Femdom Audio releases, focused on my ass
  • Niteflirt Games
  • And more…

I am quite excited for this FotM and you should be too. My ass has always been one of my best attributes. This is an opportunity for you to see why! To understand why so many are entranced by such gorgeous, round, strong globes of perfection.

I do so love to show off my ass. It makes people so weak so easily. Like they are hypnotised by the sway of my hips as I walk. Compelled to offer themselves and their services to me. It is hard to resist! You’ll understand why before the end of the Fetish of the Month! You’ll feel that compulsion, that need to reach out, so desperate to touch.

The weekly release day for new material is still up for debate (yes, I debate with myself). It will likely be Thursday for this first week and Tuesdays for the remainder of the month! Content will be released at a discounted price, which will go up at the start of November. So grab them as they come out. My fetish of the month line on Niteflirt is available at a discount as well. Please make sure the topic of conversation is in fact MY ASS or I will hang up on you and have you call one of my other lines.

Fetish of the Month Topics:

  • Ass worship
  • Face sitting
  • Ass licking
  • JOI, with my ass as your motivation
  • More, get creative 馃槈

So enjoy the delights I am offering you in October! I know I am enjoying their creation.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Healthy Living Tuesdays

It was recently asked “Why do you post about health, food, exercise… aren’t you a聽Dominatrix?” I suppose this is a fair question. The topics are write about tend to be incredibly varied and since amalgamating all my sites into one, my vast range of topics is clearly identifiable. So why do I write about healthy living? What does that have to do with D/s relationships?

Healthy Living Tuesdays with Ambre JadeWell, for some people nothing. For some, the two are not connected. My musings on well being look simply out of place when you contrast them with posts about Femdom and Fetishism. Posts about eating more broccoli are聽not likely bring me more clients. But posts about eating more broccoli, reminds people that eating more broccoli is important to me. Which means, if they truly want to serve or please me, eating more broccoli will become important to them!

In serving me, you are a reflection of my desires. You should strive to represent me, my passions, my lifestyle to the best of your abilities. This is important to remember. If someone is serving me, then I want them to showcase, to embrace a lifestyle that not only has me at its core but my work ethic, my morals… you get the idea.

Health and well-being are important aspects of my life. I have struggled with illness, surgery, weight gain, a loss of control over my health and over the past four years, I am taking control again. I am pushing myself to better my quality of life. You shoudl do the same. Not only because you would benefit from it, but also because I want you to.

I want my slaves, subs, subjects to want to embrace a similar lifestyle. To endeavour to better themselves both physically and mentally. To embrace Femdom and through it gain confidence, self esteem and all those wonderful empowering things.

Healthy living makes for healthy slaving… So yes, I will always post healthy living articles and no they will not likely be wank fodder, you can handle it 馃槈

Ambre Jade


Lost and Found


This powerful erotic hypnosis MP3 brings about devotion, love, affection, desire, and so much more for your saviour Ambre Jade. After feeling lost for so long, Ambre Jade and her light, her warmth finds you. She saves you from your passionless, purposeless existence.

Length: 25 minutes

Layering: Slight, barely audible

Background: No Music

Headphones: Suggested but not necessary

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion or Programming: Yes

Format: MP3

Cost: 30.00$

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Teaching and Training, trying to balance

I have been doing more teaching than training for the last month.聽I am finding that teaching karate classes are quite suited to my personality. I get to boss people around, they obey… it is quite fantastic. It also has me using my creativity, making sure people remain engaged while still learning their material and constantly improving. SO yeah, teaching is apparently my thing. I always seem to end up in that sort of Matron role.

The problem with teaching, I am not training as much! Four hours of my evening time, that was once devoted to my own training has now become teaching time. The reality is that teaching is no where near training. Not if you want to do so properly. To combat this, I have been arriving to class early, staying late but it is still not quite enough.

From my Black Belt Presentation (had to remove all the other people, not sure how they would feel about their images being used)
From my Black Belt Presentation (had to remove all the other people, not sure how they would feel about their images being used)

Finding time to train is becoming difficult. My day is filled with work obligations, I am trying to create so much new content on a regular basis. As well as doing phone sessions, Skype sessions, chat sessions… you get the idea. Basically, there are not enough hours in the day. And I am really at a loss on how to combat this conundrum. While I want to continue teaching, and love doing so, I also have my own material to work on. A lot of material to work on. My ambition for Nidan this October will likely not come into fruition but I still have so much work to do.

My ideal practice is 2 hours a day. Where am I going to find those extra hours. It was suggested that I spend my mornings practicing. But I love my mornings. My morning are completely about me. I ritualistically make coffee, sit on my balcony and just let my mind wonder. There may be a book involved too. I need that time and am not willing to sacrifice it. Perhaps it is time to change my ideal time to something more reasonable. An hour would probably suffice. Finding an hour during the day is far less daunting a task than two hours.

How much time do you devote to training, working out, running, etc a day?

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Doormat or Submissive; What Power Exchange is Not

Power exchange is not about an individual becoming a doormat. As a submissive, you do have the ability to both refuse and negotiate how sessions will come to being. This idea that by becoming a submissive or even just identifying as a submissive means you have no rights, no say in what happens to you, is flawed. I genuinely believe that this idea that power exchange means the submissive should be doormat in order to be a “proper” submissive, grew from the need to control women’s bodies. As those of you who are part of the BDSM community, Dommes are few and far between. (One of the reasons many of us charge for our services, supply and demand, but I digress…) Women are often on the more submissive side of the power exchange.

Historically, and in the current state of things, women’s bodies are viewed as vessel for pleasure. Our purpose is purely to please our male counterparts. Our bodies are not always ours to control. Look at reproductive rights, access to contraception, porn! The concept of our bodies not being ours is not something new and it is deeply engrained into our minds as well as the minds of men. Not all obviously, I am doing my generalization thing.

Power Exchange Discussion with Ambre JadeSo how does this control of the female body relate to power exchange? As women make up the majority of submissives and the popularity of books and films, various media depicting women as the submissive will prove, the act of submission has taken on the idea of your body no longer being yours! “A real submissive would never say no to this!” “Safewords are for pussies!” (There will be a rant about that term at a later date.) Women have been treated as doormats and expect to be treated as such.聽A submissive (a feminine role) should be treated and expect to be treated as a doormat.

This entire view point is flawed and wrong. Doormats, while they do exist within the BDSM community, chose to be that way. In a power exchange, there is no real exchange if one is in fact a doormat. Because they themselves do not see or desire any power. A submissive has power. They decided to give it to another being for a period of time, but at the end of the session, or within designated spaces, they can take their power back.

It irks me that so many people believe that being a doormat is part of being submissive. The two have nothing to do with one another. BDSM is about trust, knowing you are giving your power to someone by choice. Someone submitting to you is a gift, not a right.

If, as a Domme, I expect doormat behaviour… because let’s face it, sometimes it is fun when your every whim is obeyed and you can do whatever you want to your submissive, then we discuss the expectation beforehand. I insist on clear, concise limits from my submissive before we session. I tailor my session accordingly. This is what makes me deserving of the gift of your submission. This is what all Dommes should reflect upon… in the power exchange, do I deserve this gift!

I have a feeling the idea of the doormat as a submissive was created to minimise the incidence of聽topping from the bottom. I can’t be sure, more research will have to be done.

What preconceived notions about BDSM or submission bother you?

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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(This piece was originally going to outline behavioural differences but as I wrote and researched, I found myself changing the tone of the entire piece.)

Your Money, My Trips; Findom Opportunities

The more money you send me, the better the trips will be! I have a few trips planned for the coming year, some concrete trips and others more laissez-faire. How good would it feel to provide your Goddess the opportunity to travel? It would be better than spending the money on yourself. The knowledge that my adventures, which will be well documented, were made possible by you knowing your place, and putting my desires above your own needs. I can think of few experiences that could rival that. Few opportunities where you can be completely assured of my pleasure!

My travel schedule is still up in the air, but there are some trips which are for certain:

New Orleans:

I will be in New Orleans for a few days in December. The trip has been covered by a delightful boy who knows it is on my top three American cities to visit. I have never been. This should be exciting. As the trip has been covered your contributions will be purely for my enjoyment, my luxuries during my travels.


Winter is rough on me. Come February, March I need to escape the bitter cold that is a Montreal winter and bask in the sun for at least a week, preferably 2. Ideally, I would do one week on a random beach and then a second week in Havana. My last venture there was in 2012, and I did not get to experience all that I wanted to. I want an all inclusive beach experience for that first week. My stay in Havana will be more about experiencing the culture. A stay within the city, shopping the local markets and experiencing the local dining experience.

Tokyo, Japan:

This trip is not yet set in stone. There has been talk within my martial arts family of visiting in October 2017. This trip will likely be expensive, just the flight is somewhat ridiculous. As the date approaches, I will have more information concerning destinations, time line, travel, etc.

How Can I Contribute to your Goddess Travels?

Very easily 馃檪 Send tribute via giftrocket, let me know it is for my travel fund. You will also see this button:

Scattered about my sites. Clicking on it will bring you to my Niteflirt where you can contribute as many times as you would like.

Why Should I Want to Contribute?

Beyond the pleasure you receive in sending me money, you will get the opportunity to see my travel pictures, potentially in real time. Who would not want that?

So please me, like good little piggies, squeal with delight as you send me places… if you are very lucky, perhaps I will visit somewhere near you 馃槈

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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